Using the Formulary Monograph Service

The Formulary Monograph Service (FMS) module, if included in your subscription, delivers formulary monographs (in summary and full review formats) and drug use evaluations (DUEs) developed for recently released and investigational drugs. The content is customizable for use in your organization’s formulary management. New Drug Reviews summarize the formulary reviews and DUEs added that month.

To access the content within FMS, use the button found in the blue toolbar and select one of the options available in the drop-down menu. The options include viewing the full monograph via the P&T Formulary Reviews menu item, viewing a summary monograph by selecting P&T Summary Reviews, accessing a DUE document via the Drug Use Evaluations option, or selecting New Drug Reviews for monthly digests that outline the new drug content and DUEs available.

For the P&T Reviews, Summary Reviews, and Drug Use Evaluations, click on the desired option from the drop-down menu in the blue bar to access the respective index page within FMS. Click on the letter corresponding to the desired topic.

FMS documents that begin with that letter will be displayed. Click on the document name to display the monograph. If you wish to download the customizable text document for either P&T or Summary Reviews, click on the link found near the top of the monograph. On the Drug Use Evaluations page, click the drug name in the index, and then click the link to display the PDF for the Drug Use Evaluation for the drug.

The New Drug Reviews section contains the current and past editions of the monthly updates to FMS. The New Drug Review lists review and summary monographs that were added to FMS during the past month, along with a DUE focusing on one of that month’s reviewed drugs. To access this content, click on the New Drug Reviews option in the drop-down menu. The screen will display New Drug Reviews with the most recent listed first. Click on the link to see the New Drug Reviews digest. Within the New Drug Reviews document, you can click on links in each topic's editorial comments to access the full P&T review or summary monographs.

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