The blue Clinical Decision Tool Bar provides access to all clinical tools that are included in the user's account. This bar is available from any screen in the application and provides access to the following tools:

  • Interactions – A drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-herbal, drug-disease, and drug-pregnancy interaction and duplicate therapy analysis tool that uses a predictive, evidenced-based model.
  • Drug Identification – Identify various unknown drugs based on imprint, dosage form, drug, NDC, labeler, shape, and/or color.
  • Calculators – Access to over 130 medical calculations, developed within the content team at Wolters Kluwer Health and MedCalc, that have been designed to assist in drug dosing, drip rates, and organ function assessment in adults and children.
  • Product Availability – provides information on availability and generic alternatives for thousands of products. Users have the ability to search via drug name or NDC and link to the Facts and Comparisons monograph from the results display.
  • Drug Comparisons – The user can compare up to any four (4) drugs using either a customized side-by-side monograph view or by selecting specific drug data attributes (adverse reactions, indications, interactions, etc).
  • Patient Education Module – Access to multi-language patient education materials for medications, disease/conditions, procedures, discharge instructions, natural products, and healthy living, if included with your subscription.
  • Formulary Monograph Service – If included with your subscription, The Formulary Monograph Service provides monographs specifically intended to provide the information used by P&T committees to help evaluate drugs for addition to the formulary.
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