Key Points Panel

A new type of information display in UpToDate can help more easily discover, understand, and act on information related to commonly asked primary care questions. The key points panel, located on the search results page, offers succinct content passages pulled from UpToDate topics.

There are now 41 Key Points Panels available in UpToDate including the following:

Updates to AANP CME credit submissions

For those submitting credits to fulfill AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) requirements, UpToDate now allows credit submissions for up to 5 years (previously limited to 2 years).

Enhanced graphics viewer

To help find your answers quickly using graphics, the graphics viewer on desktop has been enhanced to include left and right arrows to navigate easily through all graphics within a topic. Zoom control has also been added to algorithms, figures, pictures, diagnostic images, waveforms, and forms.

Elevating the voice of primary care providers

Demands on primary care providers continue to increase. Often the front door to the healthcare system, primary care providers assume more responsibility for patient care while navigating an increasingly complex care delivery environment. UpToDate is committed to enhancing the voices of primary care providers across our content with an expanded editorial staff of primary care physicians focused on reviewing and enhancing content to reflect the myriad of questions primary care providers encounter as they try to deliver optimal patient care.

Enhanced radiology content for non-radiologists

Did you know UpToDate offers a broad array of radiology-focused content? This content is key because clinicians across virtually all specialties encounter radiology-related questions. The UpToDate editorial team now includes additional radiologists charged with reviewing and enhancing the content to provide increased support for non-radiologists.

For example, an OBGYN may seek deeper insights on a hysterosalpingography (HSG), an imaging study frequently used for patients experiencing fertility challenges. UpToDate offers an HSG topic, and additional review from radiologists can help to ensure providers receive the level of support they need.

Fulfill MATE requirements using UpToDate

Continuing education (CE) credits earned from reading certain UpToDate topics will meet the new eight-hour training requirement for Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-registered practitioners (per the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act).

Please refer to the UpToDate Substance use disorders table of contents for eligible topics. Please note: For those who have selected the AMA PRA Credit track, you must research a clinical question from the search box before CME credits will accrue; you cannot earn AMA credits by clicking to a topic directly from the table of contents.

UpToDate for Anki add-on

Make studying for medical exams easier with the new UpToDate for Anki add-on.

This add-on allows you to access the trusted, evidence-based information in UpToDate right from your flashcard. With rigorously edited original content and links to full journal articles and source information, UpToDate provides unparalleled depth and breadth to boost your medical knowledge. The add-on is available to download from the My Account dropdown menu in UpToDate.

Graphic Algorithms

UpToDate continues to expand its inventory of graphic algorithms. Nearly 300 are planned to be added to UpToDate in 2023, bringing the total to more than 2,500. These visual algorithms are a popular resource among all levels of clinicians for a quick, concise option for working through a clinical scenario.

Brand Names: International

To help make it easier to verify medicines, accurately prescribe them, and improve patient safety, UpToDate has expanded its extensive international drug brand name database. Enhanced search functionality is now available within the Brand Names: International field in UpToDate drug topics for easy access to the expanded list of international brand names. View in Drug Topic

Graphics Gallery in Topic Reviews

Use the graphics gallery in UpToDate topics to discover, scan, and access graphics in UpToDate topics with greater ease. At the top of a topic, select the “Graphics” tab for a convenient, one-stop view of all relevant graphics - including algorithms, tables, charts, and pictures. The graphics gallery is accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

UpToDate Topics and Graphics Rating Now on Mobile App

Use the 5-Star Feedback feature in UpToDate topics and graphics on mobile to help us learn how well our content serves your needs. The rating tool is available in the gray toolbar at the bottom of a topic outline, a topic review, and graphics.

Enhanced Registration Process

To ensure a more secure user experience when registering for an UpToDate account through an organization, the registration process now includes an email verification step. After completing the registration form, a verification code will be sent to the designated email address that will need to be retrieved and entered into the form within 10 minutes. Learn More.

UpToDate Topics and Graphics Rating on Desktop and Mobile Web 

Your voice is invaluable in developing UpToDate content that best answers your questions. Use the 5-Star Feedback feature in UpToDate topics and graphics to help us learn how well our content serves your needs.

  • On desktop, find the 5-star rating on the left side of a topic, below the topic outline. Within graphics, find the rating tool in the top gray toolbar
  • On mobile web, the rating tool is accessible on top of a topic or graphic
  • On mobile app, the rating tool is available in the gray toolbar at the bottom of a topic outline, a topic review, and graphics

Graphical Answers to Assess Conditions with Shared Similarities

Answer critical questions quickly with Graphical Answers – a tool designed to help distinguish between common conditions frequently encountered in primary care settings. Each visual offers a succinct side-by-side assessment of conditions that share similarities but should be approached differently, based on the evidence.

The following Graphical Answers are available in UpToDate (you must sign in to UpToDate to view the links):

Enhanced Drug Search

Now available on the UpToDate mobile app and desktop, go directly to drug information from the search box. Simply type a drug name to view a link to the suggested drug topic, and to links to commonly viewed sections (i.e., dosing) within the topic.

Last update November 9, 2023

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