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A convenient and cost-effective package of nearly 100 titles in environmental science, ecology, and related scientific disciplines.
CABI is one of the world's leading sources of full-text scholarly literature in agriculture, public health, and food and environmental science.

The CABI Environmental Science Book Collection includes nearly 100 books in water and environmental land management, forestry, biodiversity, ecology, biology, and other critical focus areas. Please note that books in this collection are not available individually.

Titles include:
Agricultural Technologies and Tropical Deforestation
Agriculture and Intellectual Property Rights
Agriculture, Hydrology and Water Quality
Agrobiodiversity Management for Food Security: A Critical Review
Air Pollution and the Forests of Developing and Rapidly Industrialising Countries
Applied Mycology
Below-ground Interactions in Tropical Agroecosystems
Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture, Food and the Environment: Safety Assessment and Regulation
Biodiversity Loss and Conservation in Fragmented Forest Landscapes: The Forests of Montane Mexico and Temperate South America
Biodiversity of West African Forests
Biofuels: Production, Application and Development
Biological Control in IPM Systems
Biopesticides: Pest Management and Regulation
Broadening the Genetic Base of Crop Production
Case Studies in Ecotourism
Chemical Pesticide Markets, Health Risks and Residues
Citrus Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology
Citrus Mites: Identification, Bionomy and Control
Climate Change and Crop Production
Climate Change and Global Crop Productivity
Climate Change in Contrasting River Basins
Climate Change in Developing Countries
Community-Based Water Law and Water Resource Managment Reform in Developing Countries
Competition and Succession in Pastures
Conflict, Social Capital and Managing Natural Resources
Conserving Land, Protecting Water. Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series 6
Conserving Plant Genetic Diversity in Protected Area. Population Management of Crop Wild Relatives
Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management
Crop Stress Management and Global Climate Change
Crop-soil Simulation Models
Cross-Sectoral Policy Developments in Forestry
Cycad Classification
Decentralization and the Social Economics of Development. Lessons from Kenya
Development with Identity
Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
Ecohydrology: Processes, Models and Case Studies
Ecology and Management of Giant Hogweed
Ecotourism and Conservation in the Americas. Ecotourism Series No. 7
Ecotourism Policy and Planning
Ecotourism Programme Planning
Environment and Livelihoods in Tropical Coastal Zones: Managing Agriculture- Fishery-Aquaculture Conflicts
Environmental Change and Geomorphic Hazards in Forests
Environmental Impact of Genetically Modified Crops
Environmental impact of invertebrates for biological control of arthropods: methods and risk assessment
Environmental Impacts of Ecotourism
Environmental Impacts of Pasture-based Farming
Environmental Impacts of Sugar Production
Environmental Policies for Agricultural Pollution Control
Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms, Volume 1: A Case Study of Bt Maize in Kenya
Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms, Volume 2 A Case Study of Bt Cotton in Brazil
Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms. Challenges and Opportunities with Bt Cotton in Vietnam, Vol. 4
Evaluating Indirect Ecological Effects of Biological Control
Farmers, Scientists and Plant Breeding
Field and Laboratory Methods for Grassland and Animal Production Research
Fluorides in the Environment
Food Security in Africa and Asia. Strategies for Small-scale Agricultural Development
Forest Biodiversity
Forest Genetics
Forest History
Forest Policy for Private Forestry
Forest Tourism and Recreation
Forestry and Climate Change
Forestry and Environmental Change
Forestry Budgets and Accounts
Forests and Landscapes
Forests and Society: Sustainability and Life Cycles of Forests in Human Landscapes
Forests at the Land-Atmosphere Interface
Forests in Sustainable Mountain Development
Freshwater Nematodes
Genetics, Evolution and Biological Control
GIS and Spatial Analysis in Veterinary Science
Global Pesticide Resistance in Arthropods
Global Rangelands
Good Statistical Practice for Natural Resources Research
Grassland Ecophysiology and Grazing Ecology
Grassland Productivity and Ecosystems Services
Grazing Ecology and Forest History
Greenhouse Gas Sinks
Health Benefits of Organic Food: Effects of the Environment
Indigenous Ecotourism: Sustainable Development and Management
Innovation in Forestry. Territorial and Value Chain Approaches
Inositol phosphates
Insect Evolutionary Ecology
Insect Movement
Insect Pathogens: Molecular Approaches and Techniques
Insects on Palms
Integrated Natural Resources Management
Integrated Resource and Environmental Management
Integrated Watershed Management: Connecting People to Their Land and Water
Introgression from Genetically Modified Plants into Wild Relatives
Invasive Alien Plants. An Ecological Appraisal for the Indian Subcontient. CABI Invasives Series, Vol. 1
Invasive Alien Species
Invertebrates as Webmasters in Ecosystems
Irrigation and Drainage Performance Assessment
Irrigation and River Basin Management
Irrigation Management: Principles and Practices
Irrigation Systems Design, Planning and Construction
Irrigation Water Pricing: The Gap Between Theory and Practice
Island Tourism. A Sustainable Perspective. Ecotourism Series, No. 8
Land Use Changes in Tropical Watersheds
Life at Extremes. Environments, Organisms and Strategies for Survival
Lyme Borreliosis
Managing Plant Genetic Diversity
Managing Soil Quality
Marine Ecotourism
Marine Wildlife and Tourism Management
Mathematical Modelling in Animal Nutrition
Methods and Approaches in Forest History
Methods in Agricultural Chemical Analysis
Microbial Biotechnology: Energy and Environment
Microbial Ecology of Aerial Plant Surfaces
Microbiological Methods for Assessing Soil Quality
Modelling Forest Systems
Molecular Approaches to Soil, Rhizosphere and Plant Microorganism Analysis
Mycotoxins: Detection Methods, Management, Public Health and Agricultural Trade
Natural Enemies of Terrestrial Molluscs
Natural Resource Management in Agriculture
Natural Resources Management in African Agriculture
Nature-Based Tourism, Environment and Land Management
Nematodes as Environmental Indicators
Nitrate and Man: Toxic, Harmless or Beneficial?
Nitrate, Agriculture and the Enivronment
Nitrogen Fixation
Nitrogen Fixation in Tropical Cropping Systems
No-Tillage Seeding in Conservation Agriculture, 2nd Edition
Nourishing the Land, Nourishing the People, A Madagascar Success Story
Nutrient Elements in Grassland
Nutrients for Sugar Beet Production
Organic Farming: An International History
Organic Fruit Growing
Organic Phosphorus in the Environment
Pest Management and Phytosanitary Trade Barriers
Phoma Identification Manual
Phytophthora: Global Perspective
Plant Cold Hardiness: From the Laboratory to the Field
Plant Genotyping
Planted Forests: Uses, Impacts & Sustainability
Planted Forests: Uses, Impacts and Sustainability
Poultry Production in Hot Climates, 2nd Edition
Principles of Tropical Agronomy
Prioritizing Agricultural Research for Development: Experiences and Lessons
Public Concerns, Environmental Standards and Agricultural Trade
Quality Assurance and Certification in Ecotourism
Rangeland Degradation and Recovery in China's Pastoral Lands
Recreational and Environmental Markets for Forest Enterprises
Responsible Fisheries in the Marine Ecosystem
Responsible Marine Aquaculture
River Basin Trajectories: Societies, Environments and Development. Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. Series 8
Rust Diseases of Willow and Poplar
Saving Seeds
Seed Dispersal: Theory and its Application in a Changing World
Seeds: the Ecology of Regeneration in Plant Communities
Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Land Management
Soil Biodiversity in Amazonian and Other Brazilian Ecosystems
Soil Erosion and Sediment Redistribution in River Catchments
Soil Fertility Decline in the Tropics
Soil Hydrology, Land Use and Agriculture
Sustainable Farmland Management: Transdisciplinary Approaches
Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Management of Soil Organic Matter
Temperature Adaptation in a Changing Climate. Nature at Risk. CABI Climate Change Series, Vol. 3
The African Food Crisis
The Agricultural Groundwater Revolution
The Architecture and Biology of Soils. Life in Inner Space
The Biology of Terrestrial Molluscs
The Ecology and Silviculture of Oaks
The Ecology of Soil Decomposition
The Encyclopedia of Ecotourism
The Impact of Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gases on Forest Ecosystems
The Measurement of Roundwood
The Pineapple
The Public, The Media and Agricultural Biotechnology
The Sustainable Management of Vertisols
Tourism and Development in Mountain Regions
Tourism and Protected Areas
Tradeoffs or Synergies
Transfrontier Conservation in Africa
Trees on the Farm
Trees, Crops and Soil Fertility
Tropical Deltas and Coastal Zones
Tropical Mycology
Tropical Mycology
Tropical Rainforests of the Guiana Shield
Valuing Mediterranean Forests
Vegetable Production in Marketing and Africa. Socio-Economic Research
Verticillium Wilts
Waste Composting for Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture
Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
Water Dynamics in Plant Production
Water Productivity in Agriculture
Weed Ecology in Natural and Agricultural Systems
Weeds and Weed Management on Arable Land
Western Corn Rootworm
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