Why OneSumX® for Regulatory Change Management

OneSumX for Regulatory Change Management tracks regulatory changes across a list of global agencies and organizes them to create structured, value-added content that is paired with an easy to use software solution. Clients receive content that flows through a single data feed format, and by linking regulatory changes to their respective regulatory rules in the software’s customizable, constantly updated regulatory library, their reporting is more accurate and efficient.
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Track regulatory developments across a list of global agencies
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Key regulatory information and a link to original source content
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Assess impact of regulatory changes throughout your organization
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Centralized and holistic approach with full audit trail capabilities
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Create user-defined or ad-hoc reports
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Aggregate real-time reports into dashboards
Regulatory Change Management
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OneSumX for Regulatory Change Management
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Regulatory Change Management
Regulatory Change Management
OneSumX for Regulatory Change Management takes complex regulatory changes and pares them down to what you need – structured, value-added content paired with a winning software solution. Download the Solution Overview →


Regulatory Change Management Data Feed
Regulatory Change Management Data Feed
The RCM Data Feed contains a comprehensive Library of laws, rules, regulations and guidance for over 700 regulatory bodies and agencies globally.
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