The RCM Data Feed contains a comprehensive library of laws, rules, regulations and guidance for US Federal, State, and Global regulatory bodies and agencies. Paired with enriched regulatory updates, it helps you expedite your review and quickly assess its impact.

The RCM Data Feed jumpstarts your regulatory change management program with these innovative features:

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Automates the monitoring of regulatory developments relevant to your financial institution’s products, services, and business model.

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Reduces unwanted volume by providing the ability to suppress regulatory release types that may not apply to your business.

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Structures content with common data fields across all regulatory bodies and agencies to promote understanding and provide consistent reporting capabilities.

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Visibly arranges every regulatory update to the laws, rules, regulations, or guidance in the library that it amends, references, repeals, or mentions creating an instant view of potential risk to your business.

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Provides a consistent means to document required actions by the new or changed regulatory update and is delivered every business day in a universally accepted XML format.

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