A chief concern for today’s compliance professional is keeping pace with an ever changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment—and ensuring that systems and processes are kept up to date with the latest information. Re-keying information from multiple sources into a case management system is resource intensive, prone to error, and adds unnecessary delays.
The NILS™ XML Feed offers a time-saving solution to jumpstart the management of regulatory change risk. Based on the industry-leading insurance regulatory compliance database, NILS™ INsource, the NILS™ XML Feed provides a summary of all legislative and regulatory changes, tailored to meet your search parameters, and delivered daily in a format that is readily usable in a variety of processes and systems.
  • Consolidated daily feed via FTP or hosted HTTPS.
  • Readily usable data in a flexible XML format.
  • Expert summaries.
  • Indexing by line of business, sub-lines, and business function.
Regulatory Change Management
Now more than ever, compliance officers face a challenging regulatory environment, and the demands upon compliance departments are increasing.

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