Key benefits of NRAI’s Partnership Program

  • Build a perpetual revenue stream for your business with ongoing royalties and incentives
  • Leverage the opportunity to expand your own business nationally and internationally
  • Maintain customized billing and reporting
  • Give your customers access to leading technology and products such as entity management, tax calendar compliance, annual report maintenance, and Service of Process handling, without incurring the expense of maintaining these on your own
  • Easily manage your customer accounts and entities in the Affiliate Center
  • Leverage a resource center of thought leadership materials for your customers
  • Up-to-the-minute state compliance information to help answer customer questions
  • Leading technology for tax and annual report calendars and other state compliance information
  • Rely on over a century of compliance experience with Wolters Kluwer

Frequently asked questions

What is the NRAI Partnership Program?

The NRAI Partnership Program gives you access to NRAI’s national Registered Agent network so you can expand the products and services you offer to your customers and operate in all 51 jurisdictions.

How does the NRAI Partnership Program work?

  • Appoint NRAI as the registered agent for your customers
  • You continue to work directly with your customers for all their transactional business needs
  • NRAI performs all back-end registered agent services
  • Your customer pays for those services on an annual basis
  • NRAI shares this revenue with you
  • Your customers’ annual registered agent service payments become an annuity royalty for your business

Does the Partnership Program affect our relationship with the customer?

You maintain your direct relationship with your customers as you’ve always done. NRAI provides the back-end resources to support their compliance needs.

How do I enroll?

  • Send us a request using the form below
  • We’ll then contact you to discuss your business, how you envision expanding the scope of products and services you offer your customers
  • We’ll create a partnership agreement with you, and set up the back-end resources to support the agreement
  • An important part of the getting started process is to work closely with you to verify that all customer records are accurate and up to date, from who receives service of process to invoicing

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