In 1995, a group of industry veterans formed National Registered Agents, Inc. with the primary goal of delivering the highest quality registered agent services more efficiently and cost effectively than the current providers. They knew that statutory representation services needed to be more than an address and a yearly envelope with an exorbitant fee enclosed. With new technologies influencing the way corporate America did business, they knew they could deliver the best registered agent services through innovative tools and outstanding customer service. And, they could do it for a reasonable fee.

The partners created a proprietary state of the art service of process system that ensured legal documents were properly received, recorded, delivered based on company instructions, and easily accessible for historical purposes. With millions of service of process deliveries to date, the NRAI system has proven itself to be the best in the industry and the company stands behind this statement every day.

After quickly becoming a leading provider of registered agent services, NRAI set its sights on applying these same goals to the corporate services transaction side of the industry. By partnering with other industry veterans to deliver these services across the country, NRAI utilized industry expertise not found with any other registered agent provider. These professionals deliver solutions for transactions from the simple to the most complex.

Growing stronger—together

In 2011, C T Corporation and National Registered Agents, Inc. joined forces, bringing together two industry leaders in corporate compliance. Founded in 1892, C T Corporation has long been recognized as the premier provider of incorporation and legal business compliance solutions to large corporations around the world, as well as the law firms that serve them. However, CT's expertise extends to the needs of businesses of all sizes. CT helps the small-to-mid-sized business owner determine the appropriate business structure to incorporate, secure appropriate licenses and permits, and manage annual reporting requirements.

Both CT and NRAI have long traditions of providing excellent service and knowledge delivered to you by our expert team members. NRAI customers can rely on our combined winning team to give you even more value while ensuring that you still receive the same level of service that has been the hallmark of NRAI. In joining with CT, NRAI preserved our extensive network of Corporate Service Partners. These partners continue to offer industry-leading solutions, deep industry knowledge, and exceptional, personalized customer service through the NRAI affiliate network.

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