We assess clients’ portfolios and implement solutions for enhanced data analytics, jurisdictional data scrubs, and data aggregation as well as connecting client systems with Lien Solutions systems. In addition, clients can seamlessly implement solutions more quickly and less expensively than doing it on their own, resulting in minimal disruption to daily workflows, and time and cost savings.

Why Professional Services?

Operate more efficiently

Limit your asset and loan portfolio exposure by streamlining front-end and back-end loan system workflows.

Minimize risk

Ensure your portfolios are in compliance with UCC regulations.

Improve accuracy

Interface with Lien Solutions products for data hygiene services to reduce manual keying and errors.

Contain costs

Fewer manual resources and the accompanying keying errors translate into lower costs and increased perfection rates.

Product features

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Connect your LOS to Lien Solutions services (such as UCC filing, UCC search, mortgage recording, etc.) to optimize your workflows and decrease risk.
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Portfolio optimization

Improve your data quality by identifying and removing duplicate UCC filings, identifying correct entity information, and properly categorizing individuals and businesses.
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Data population

Save resources and time in building out your UCC portfolio with imports of historical UCC data, search and retrieval of UCC files, and filing images from public records.
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Data export

Flexible reporting and extract services give you power to generate simple queries and custom reports (such as for flood data), and create extracts of portfolio data or bulk imports of search images.
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Data migration

Save time by performing bulk transfers of flood or search data, or UCC filing data, from one portfolio to another.
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Bulk procedure

Save data re-keying time and effort — and minimize risk — by managing bulk flood determination requests to our flood department, and submitting UCC-3 amendments, assignments, continuations, and terminations in bulk.
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Activate any existing debtors not currently being monitored in an iLien portfolio, providing for more visibility into each debtor’s activity.
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Lien insights report

Provides a more in-depth view into your portfolio — with detailed data on your estimated lien position for your debtors, and insights into lien activity against the debtor. Save time and resources and get actionable data to enable your team to more completely manage the health of your portfolio.
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A dedicated team

Complete support from our Professional Services team, boasting 40 years of lien management experience across multiple segments and financial institutions of all sizes.
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Business development reports

Query specific data including debtor names on record for a single secured party per jurisdiction, city, or zip code, for all active liens.
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Pending expiration reports

Don’t lose position because of an expired lien. The pending expiration report will alert you of soon-to-expire liens for a secured party name in a jurisdiction.
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Custom reports

Our flexible and customizable reporting functionality allows you to request and generate reports that give you visibility into your portfolio and clarity on what needs to happen next.

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