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ComplianceFinanceMay 05, 2022

API integration improves lien perfection workflow

One of the most crucial functions of a financial institution is searching and filing UCCs in order to achieve lien perfection. However, when you need to work between different systems and platforms, gather data from external sources, and rekey all that information multiple times it can become a major drain on your time and resources, as well as lead to higher risks of data entry errors and loan closing delays.

API integration can help you overcome these business challenges and help improve the workflow of your entire organization by helping you take control of your processes while reducing costs.

What is API integration?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which refers to the code that communicates different pieces of information across separate applications. With the use of APIs, lenders can transfer data directly across digital platforms, which cuts down on the amount of manual labor it would take to input the data by hand.

How does API integration help your organization?

If you’re not using APIs, you aren’t maximizing your digital capability. Data entry by hand can lead to errors and takes up valuable time that employees that could spend on more valuable tasks.

With the help of APIs, data integration becomes seamless because they do the heavy lifting for you. APIs move data across different platforms, cutting down on the time that you have to manually fill forms by auto-populating fields for you and verifying data against different sources.

API integration streamlines workflows

APIs help to increase productivity in your workflows by getting rid of the draining manual labor of data entry. And, by automating data entry tasks, you also reduce the chance of having errors. APIs can also increase visibility into your platforms and can manage more partnerships while getting better metrics for reporting and analytical needs.

Learn more about how Lien Solutions' APIs can help you improve your business workflow and avoid costly errors and delays.

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