Improve your daily workflow with advanced drug referential content

A drug reference solution is an essential part of your organization’s workflow—helping your pharmacy reduce medication errors, enhance patient safety, and improve efficiency.

Our solutions are designed to support retail pharmacists with the referential content needed to support patients in store, through mail order, at clinics, and those who are managing their care at home. This includes providing easy-to-use drug referential solutions, Lexicomp and Facts & Comparisons, that can save you time performing medication-related tasks while still delivering the important breadth and depth of content through drug monographs, drug interaction screenings, and other essential tools needed to best serve your patients.

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Designed for quick access and ease of use

Intuitive, user-friendly interface helps provide pharmacists with fast answers to help improve efficiencies.

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Drug interactions screening

The Lexicomp drug interactions database allows your team to review a detailed list of interactions for a selected medication or enter a patient-specific regimen to analyze for potential interactions/alerts.

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Patient education to support counseling and MTM

Drive patient adherence to treatment and help positively impact outcomes using patient-facing leaflets on medications, discharge instructions, and more, available in up to 19 languages.

  • When you need information quickly
Pharmacists know and trust Lexicomp… When you’re a frontline pharmacist, your customer is probably waiting on the line for an answer. The benefit of Lexicomp online is you can pull up the information you want quickly and find the answer.
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, CA

Clinical tools

Drug identification

Provides quick identification of unknown or unlabeled medications based on imprint, dosage form, shape, and color.


An extensive drug and herbal interaction analysis program that screens for potential drug interactions, drug allergies, and duplicate therapies.

Perform a predictive, evidence-based interaction analysis by entering a patient’s entire drug regimen to identify potential interactions and obtain appropriate patient management steps.

Patient education

Delivers multi-language patient education materials in one easy-to-use application. Allows you to assemble a personalized packet of leaflets covering topics relevant to a particular patient as a way to promote medication adherence.

Facts & Comparisons
Facts & Comparisons® eAnswers has been the preferred resource of many pharmacists in retail settings and throughout the healthcare industry for decades. Featuring relevant, timely drug information and interactive tools, today’s Facts & Comparisons eAnswers supports pharmacists and other professionals with a modern, updated user interface with intuitive navigation, advanced evidence-based and clinical content, and other essential tools to help retail pharmacies manage their workflow.
Lexicomp is designed for pharmacists and other clinicians working to deliver high-quality care to their patients by making safe, evidence-based medication and therapeutic decisions. We understand the challenges of needing to make decisions quickly and confidently for patients, and Lexicomp has been designed to support the needs of frontline clinicians to allow them more time with their patients.