Lexicomp, a Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information application, is the official drug information and clinical content resource of the Defense Health Agency (DHA).

Lexicomp electronic clinical reference tools help healthcare providers enhance patient safety, aid compliance, and elevate the quality of care patients receive. This website provides an overview of Lexicomp databases and training materials available to all DHA clinicians.

Select an offering below for more information:

Lexicomp Online

Lexicomp Online provides clear, concise and relevant clinical information designed for use at the point of care. Updated daily, Lexicomp Online contains 15 clinical databases providing physicians, pharmacists, and nurses with current drug information.

Lexicomp Formulary Service

The Lexicomp drug formulary service allows for rapid and efficient creation of MTF-level drug formulary databases. Included at no additional cost, this service enables Defense Health Agency professionals to collaborate with the dedicated formulary project managers of Lexicomp to create a drug formulary management system that easily integrates formulary information, policies and procedures, and therapeutic guidelines for an individual Military Treatment Facility with Lexicomp drug information.

With this service, you can:

  • Update formulary content after every P&T Committee Meeting
  • Communicate formulary information electronically via an integrated Lexicomp Online search tool or through mobile devices
  • Communicate formulary information to beneficiaries and physicians

Review our get started document to learn:

  • Steps to get your MTF formulary started
  • Points of contact for questions
  • Timeline expectations

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry provides dental professionals with dental-specific pharmacology information and drug interaction analysis tools to foster medication safety in the dental clinic. Now enhanced with the depth of pharmacology content required by oral surgery specialists as well as disease and diagnostic information, this offering also features a broad-ranging dental reference library of information addressing dental conditions, clinical dental procedures, management of dental office emergencies, and information regarding diagnosis, planning, and therapy for dental disciplines.

Lexicomp Mobile Apps

Lexicomp Mobile Apps for smartphones and tablets provide on-the-go access to Lexicomp medical and dental clinical information. Apps are available for iPhone® and iPod® touch, iPad®, and Android™ devices.

Download your mobile app by clicking the "Mobile Device Software" link found in the lower right-hand corner on the Lexicomp Online home page.

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