Legisway is an all-in-one legal data management and productivity solution specifically designed for corporate legal departments and supporting collaboration throughout the business. Modular and highly configurable, Legisway increases visibility, turns your legal information into an asset, informs strategic decision-making, and speeds the power of business.

Legisway Core

  • Central repository with unlimited storage and built-in OCR
  • Independent management of user access rights 
  • Intuitive metadata and document searching
  • Robust and unlimited reporting, including user defined filtering
  • One-off and recurring tasks
  • Workflows for approvals and other business processes
  • Automated alerts on upcoming key milestones and obligations
  • Library for document templates and clause playbook
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with SSO, DocuSign, AdobeSign
  • In-solution versioning and document editing powered by MS Word
  • Auto-generated and editable org charts
  • Parent/Child contract relations
  • Quick deployment delivered by US-based consultants
  • Custom configuration to meet your business, industry and process needs
  • US-based technical and product support accessible via phone and email
  • Unlimited user training delivered by US-based experts

Legisway CorePlus

All the features of Legisway Core, plus the following:
  • Legal Ticketing for intake of contract requests and negotiations
  • Legal Ticketing for self-service contracts (ex. NDAs)
  • Legal Ticketing for Q&A
  • Legal Ticketing for KPIs on workload, bottlenecks and time to signature
  • AI for contract analysis and metadata/clause extraction
  • AI for bulk contract upload and analysis projects
  • AI for clause comparison between 3rd party paper and clause playbook
  • Pre-built Connectors to Salesforce and MS Dynamics
  • Custom API integrations to point solutions (ex. ERP, CRM, Procurement)

Optional Modules

Compliance Management

Legal Claims and Case Management

Intellectual Property Rights Management

Real Estate Management

Spend Management

GDPR Management

Vendor Management

User Role Definitions
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