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UCC searches

A UCC search conducted at the appropriate state filing office and prior to a transaction closing is critical to notify lenders of a possible conflict in collateral interest.

UCC searches to reflect

These provide early assurance that the UCC filings will be found in the public record under the exact, true, and correct debtor name.

Fixture filing searches

This search is performed for filings with collateral considered to be fixtures or property permanently attached to real estate.

Tax lien searches

Taxes owed at the federal, state, or local level can result in liens on all the property belonging to an individual or business entity.

Judgment lien searches

A judgment or decree rendered by a court can become a judgment lien on the real or personal property of the judgment debtor.

Litigation searches

Active cases, open court actions and pending suits all threaten to encumber property being pledged as collateral or can seriously impact a debtor's solvency.

Tribal searches

UCC and Fixture Filing Searches are specific to activities and operations occurring on tribal lands and/or to members of a federally recognized tribe that may exist exclusively within the self-governing tribal court system.

Bankruptcy searches

The inclusion of a borrower's name as a petitioner in a bankruptcy proceeding is a red flag as to a debtor's solvency.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Lien Searches

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) may bring a civil action in federal district court in cases of violations of certain provisions of ERISA such as the failure of a plan administrator or employer to make the appropriate contributions to employee benefit plans. A lien may be imposed upon a failure to pay PBGC money owed.

Good standing certificates

A Certificate of Good Standing confirms that a company was properly incorporated or formed, continues to exist, and is up to date with state reports and fees.

Bring down letters

This confirms that the initial Comfort Letter, which provides certain assurances regarding the financial soundness of a company, is still valid.

Charter documents

This is the document filed to form the company. It is used to confirm the correct legal names of borrowers, type of entity, and state of formation.
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Due diligence is important. Recent court decisions have shown that deals in the works for years can be scuttled by a single missing document, highlighting the critical importance of meticulous due diligence. We conduct the most accurate, timely, and thorough searches so you can proceed with confidence.
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The UCC Hub’s easy-to-use interface mimics familiar UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms, giving you the speed to prepare filings in bulk, audit them to prevent rejected filings, and e-file without rekeying information.
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