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Propel your strategy with faster and better-informed decisions.

Enable digital transformation and streamline your financial close & consolidation, regulatory compliance and planning.

Leverage the proven CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management expert solution with embedded predictive intelligence and an open architecture that easily connects finance and operations. Accelerate your close, increase your planning agility, and empower your decision-making with the award-winning CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform, powered by the Analytic Information Hub. CCH Tagetik is available on the cloud for cost savings and greater flexibility. Get the cloud without compromise.

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CCH® Tagetik is consistently recognized by major analysts firms around the world

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Experience the CCH Tagetik difference

CCH Tagetik goes beyond basic CPM. By connecting financial and operational data in a unified intelligent platform, our expert solution easily integrates with your technology.  The result is faster financial processes, a complete view of your entire organization and the best fit for your needs.

CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform

Finance Transformation Platform

Gain insights. Create value. Drive the business.

The CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform connects finance and operations with an extensible platform and powerful data engine. In one solution, you can complete all financial processes and access the information you need to gain better insights, make faster decisions, and drive your business in the best direction.


- Unified platform
- Fast cycle time
- Connected, agile planning
- Controlled governance
- Open architecture

CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence
Get the power to predict your future with confidence

Get one-click instant planning, greater accuracy and trusted forecasts to know how to improve your financial results with CCH Tagetik. CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence, the out-of-box predictive planning solution, embeds machine learning to interconnect your data and empowers you with explainable predictions and actionable insights to make better decisions faster.

- One-click instant planning 
- Improves accuracy, transparency and reduces risk 
- Eliminates time-consuming plan creation 
- True ML trains on your historical data 
- CFOs and planners can make better decisions, faster

CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform powered by the Analytic Information Hub
Mine the power of your data to enter the new evolution of CPM
Our game-changing data engine centralizes and quickly transforms high volumes of granular financial and operational data into information that you can use to empower processes, gain insights and elevate strategic decision making.


- Financial and operational data
- Unlimited dimensionality
- Powerful data engine
- Empower CPM processes
- Build a foundation for AI, machine learning and predictive analytics


CCH® Tagetik Academy

The Global Academy elevates the CCH Tagetik education of our Customers with a global schedule of courses, bootcamps, workshops and live webinars. Our purpose is to efficiently
on-board new talent, provide ongoing enablement and ensure continuous learning.

Frequently asked questions

What is performance management?

Performance Management, similar to Corporate Performance Management, is an umbrella term that looks at a company’s performance and whether departments are living up to goals, targets and standards. It seeks to identify what’s working… and what’ not.

According to Gartner Research, “CPM [Corporate Performance Management] is an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise. Applications that enable CPM translate strategically focused information to operational plans and send aggregated results. These applications are also integrated into many elements of the planning and control cycle, or they address BAM or customer relationship optimization needs. CPM must be supported by a suite of analytical applications that provide the functionality to support these processes, methodologies and metrics.”

Performance management seeks to align departments, product lines, resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and corporate priorities. It is a critical function for companies who are looking to proactively make decisions. The ability to perform business calculations, play out what-if scenarios, forecast, plan and create accurate budgets largely depends on a business’ ability to collect and understand performance data. In the age of big data, increasingly global markets and increasing digitization of the world, performance management is essential to a company’s ability to organize, match and report on performance across a company.

What is gap analysis in business?

From present state to target state, gap analysis asks the question, “How do we get there?” In other words, it’s the process of determining where a business is, where it wants to be and how to get there. Also known as a needs assessment, gap analysis follows the following inquiry pattern:

  • Present state: What area, product, financial or process do you want to improve?
  • Target state: What do you want that area, product, financial or process to look like in the future? What’s your goal? 
  • Identifying the gap: What is preventing you from getting there? What areas, resources and capabilities that are lacking? 
  • Filling the gap: What are all the possible solutions that will enable you to reach your target state? 

Implicit in gap analysis is a company’s ability to successfully conduct variance reporting, KPI reporting, business modelling, driver-based planning, allocations, what-if analysis and scenario playing, and access benchmarks, real-time data and historical data.

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