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FSN webinar - CFOs: Are you prepared for a global minimum tax regime?

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Learn from our industry leaders how to reduce the impact caused by Pillar Two requirements on your organization.

The so-called “Pillar Two” regulation is being widely adopted across EU countries with the aim of establishing a 15% Global Minimum Tax rate and avoiding profit shifting from high-tax to lower-tax regimes.

Coming into effect this year, the set of rules will have profound implications for organizations in terms of data requirements, processes, and systems. 

In this webinar organized with FSN, three industry leaders in the tax technology space discuss how finance and tax teams can work together to ensure compliance.

The speakers:

  • Perry Hatch, Senior Director of Global Product Management at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting US, manages a global team of specialists providing support to deliver direct and indirect tax solutions
  • Graham Tilbury, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, leads FTI Consulting’s Tax Technology Advisory Service and has significant experience in tax technology consulting 
  • Gary Simon, CEO of FSN, is a fellow of the ICAEW and a fellow of the British Computer Society
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Global Minimum Tax
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