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ComplianceESGSeptember 27, 2021

Looking back – Connected by Risk 2021

It’s a wrap and we hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in ‘Connected by Risk’ 2021. On September 23rd, we organized the second edition of our annual virtual event. Broadcasting live from our event living room in The Hague, we were joined by four knowledgeable speakers who each had an inspiring and memorable story to tell.

This year our event theme was ‘’We can be heroes’’. A hero is someone who selflessly goes beyond the normal to contribute to a cause, they make the extraordinary seem like second nature. When working in hazardous industries you carry the responsibility of your organization and possess the courage to point out wrongs and decide how to avoid, reduce, or transfer risk. This is why we believe risk management is a true superhero profession!


Starting with Joël Jansen from The Ocean Cleanup. With his story, he expressed a desire to raise awareness for the effects plastics have on the marine environment both for oceanic and river life forms. As a specialist engineer tasked with designing and developing scalable technology systems to clean up ‘legacy plastics’ the pieces of plastic that currently float in the ocean and closing the taps to river plastic feeding into the ocean, Joël introduced us to system 002 (nicknamed: Jenny). Finishing his story with a call for positivity when assessing not only the risk but also the positive outcomes of day-to-day operations.

Next, Sidney Dekker who as a professor guided us through the latest research in psychological safety. The message at the core of his story, perfectly matched Joël’s call for positivity, as studies conducted in the field of safety now call for ‘understanding what goes well versus simply focusing on what can go wrong.’ Sidney recognized that risk reduction, though often misunderstood, doesn’t necessarily mean stopping things from going wrong. It actually may well mean enhancing the capacities which make that things go well.

Saskia Schmidt-Bakx kindly shared with us the step-by-step approach HEINEKEN took in creating their award-winning safety program #showmeyourbowtie. The program revolved around two key concepts:

  1. Focus on the risk; as people are often willing to contribute but do not know where to start and thus end up focusing on many different things. Saskia her message in this situation rings focus on the risk.
  2. Balance the ownership: Trying to open the minds of people inside the organization, HEINEKEN was in need of a visualization tool that would be clear, communicative and easy to understand for all employees; from the c-level management to the shopfloor forklift drivers. This is where the bowtie comes in. Using a global bowtie template through BowTieServer HEINEKEN was able to significantly reduce risk, as the approach helped with not only visualization but focus and decision making. This is the approach that went viral! At CGE Risk we loved seeing the photos of HEINEKEN employees proudly sharing their bowties with us and we are glad to have played a small part in such an important organizational step towards safety.

Finally, we heard from Bob van Riek who provided an exclusive sneak peek into the bright future of our products. Our software development is, and has been client-driven from the start going back to our first bowtie building. This means that the many great new features have been proposed and driven by you: our audience, customers, partners, and peers. But there is more, we are proud to say that you will start seeing more and more of the value that the CGE/Enablon joint solutions in the space of ERM, Health and Safety, and Risk management will bring. Check out the full presentation to be one of the first to know about the new features.

As close to 1000 registered attendees enjoyed listening in on their unique risk management stories, gathering fresh perspectives to inspire your inner hero. We hope to have brought to you that ‘ah moment’ of discovery or a sudden insight. If not, know that you can count on us to help you connect the dots in the ever-changing dynamic field that is risk management.

Stay connected

There are multiple ways we would like to stay in touch with you:

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  • Was your question not answered during the Q&A? Don’t worry, we will do our utmost to answer all questions raised and notify you via email once the answers are available.
  • And as always, in case of questions or if you require assistance, please feel free to contact CGE Risk directly.

For more information, please visit the Bowtie Suite.

All that’s left is a big THANK YOU to attendees and speakers, you really made this event rock! Did you miss the event? Or want to relive this seminar? Don’t worry we got you! You can watch the recording here.

Keep an eye out on the social channels to watch a preferred presentation.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay connected! And remember that, together, “We can be heroes!”

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