CorporateMay 25, 2022

Wolters Kluwer celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Rajiv Arora

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and the 2022 theme is Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration. Wolters Kluwer spotlighted the careers and stories of several of our Asian and Pacific Islander leaders whose contributions have inspired our growth story and culture of innovation.

Rajiv Arora recently rejoined Wolters Kluwer as Vice President, Operations Data Science for the Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) division. He focuses on creating and embedding AI-based utilities, operational workbenches and productivity accelerators to improve core operations, and developing AI-powered product extensions for customers.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month - Arora Rajiv
Rajiv is known for building solutions that deliver strong impact in the business. Rajiv is inspired by the strong connection between cross functional teams at Wolters Kluwer. He said, “leading decision science teams that create products that make a major impact on the business is a dream for a technologist like myself.”
Rajiv is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. As a leader, Rajiv encourages that “all employees interact with each other with curiosity and a growth mindset. This stimulates innovation and creativity that lead to more impactful products to serve our customers and improves our personal experiences at work.”
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