CorporateOctober 07, 2022

Wolters Kluwer celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Harry De La Cruz

From September 15 to October 15, Americans observe Hispanic Heritage Month. In celebration, Wolters Kluwer has spotlighted the careers and stories of several of our Hispanic leaders whose heritage has influenced their contributions and furthered our culture of innovation.

Dr. Harry De La Cruz — Manager, Account & Relationship Management, Health — gets energized by the opportunity to lead the impact of Wolters Kluwer in improving medical education and practice throughout the Americas, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean. He’s also striving to ensure his team has a positive effect on how Wolters Kluwer grows throughout Latin America. As a highly successful sales manager with over 25 years of experience in multiple industries, Harry appreciates that the Company helps the team help others — making sure they have the tools, content, and opportunity to effectively support medical students and practitioners.

Dr. Harry is inspired by the advice of Alvaro Garcia, his former manager, who told him, “Results can vary. What matters is that you put in your full effort — that will bring positive outcomes in the long run.” He shares similar advice with his team, “Focus on doing your absolute best by helping others grow and do well along the way. You will get back everything you put in.”

He’s also inspired by Chef Jose Andres, whose efforts to make sure everyone has the basic necessity of a plate of food, regardless of circumstances, has such a huge impact. “[Chef Jose Andres] reminds me that taking care of people’s basic needs and concerns is a critical part of being effective at what we do.”

Dr. Harry celebrates his heritage by living it! And he knows it’s important to recognize that Hispanic people are not just one big group. “We all come from different countries with varying cultures, dialects, and customs. We are Puerto Rican, Colombian, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian, etc. We are all proud of who we are and where we come from, so it’s important to recognize us that way. …

Harry De La Cruz

In the way we talk … in what we eat … in the way we show we care. All Hispanic cultures have a particular affect and empathy for others that helps us stand out in what we do, and this is the best way to show what our heritage is all about.”

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