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BEPS Pillar 2: Marking a new dawn in international tax

Join our webinar with EY to navigate new global minimum tax regulations. Learn compliance steps, data challenges, and our market-leading solution.

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With the implementation of new global minimum tax regulations on the horizon, it is imperative for US-based corporations with international operations to start preparing now to ensure compliance. In collaboration with EY, we are hosting a webinar designed to provide you with critical insights and practical steps to navigate these changes effectively.

What you can expect:

  1. Understand the survey results from EY’s tax and finance operations survey
    • Discover what these results indicate for businesses like yours and how they can inform your overall tax strategy.
  2. Refresher on Pillar 2 mechanics
    • Gain a clear understanding of the key mechanics of Pillar 2, a central component of the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project. Establish a foundation of the key elements essential for compliance.
  3. EY's 6-Step process
    • Learn about EY's structured 6-step process designed to guide companies from assessing their specific needs to filing. This process is crafted to simplify and streamline your approach to the new regulations.
  4. Transitional safe harbours
    • Explore transitional safe harbours. Understanding these can provide temporary relief and ease your transition into the new tax regime.
  5. Data challenges
    • Address the critical question: are you ready for the new data challenges? Get a fuller picture of data requirements and the potential hurdles you might face.
  6. Integration with Consolidation processes
    • Understand how BEPS Pillar 2 can be integrated into your consolidation process. This integration is vital for ensuring comprehensive and cohesive financial reporting.
  7. Market-Leading solution
    • Discover our market-leading, tried-and-tested solution that can support your compliance efforts. This solution has been designed to meet the demands of the new tax environment efficiently.

Why watch?

By watching this webinar, you will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of the new global minimum tax regulations. Our collaboration with EY ensures that you receive expert guidance and actionable insights tailored to the needs of US-based corporations with global operations.

Watch now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Watch now and learn how your business can get prepared for the impending changes in global tax regulations. Gain the knowledge and tools necessary for compliance and strategic advantage in the new tax landscape.

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Global Minimum Tax
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Global Minimum Tax
Simplify the tax reporting process. Harness enterprise data. Turn tax into strategy.
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