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Partnership between Wolters Kluwer and the Princess Máxima Center impacts real lives

“This conversation reminded me that what we do impacts real lives,” said Nancy McKinstry, CEO Wolters Kluwer, as she participated in an all employee live meeting with Prof. Dr. Gertjan Kaspers, Pediatric Oncologist and Director of the Academy & Outreach of the Princess Máxima Center, Europe’s largest childhood cancer institute, and Dr. Peter Bonis, Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer Health.
The webinar was organized 
in light of 
World Values Dayone day in the year where employees are asked to think about the company values and what they mean for them. Spectators learned more about our partnership with the Princess Máxima Center, the world of healthcare, how our expert solutions impact healthcare professionals, and explore how our company values take shape within the industries we serve.


In the Princess Máxima Center, Wolters Kluwer found a world-class partner that matched multiple criteria, designed to deliver impact and contribute to shaping a better future for society at large. Priorities included supporting a mission-driven organization; finding one located so close to home in our local community, as a Dutch headquartered company; and ideally, in one of the key sectors we serve. Our partnership with the Princess Máxima Center started in 2018 in the form of increased access to our expert solutions 
UpToDate and within their clinical setting, in addition to monetary support. It has blossomed into a fruitful relationship that helps teams at Wolters Kluwer better understand customer needs through the continuum of care, while helping the Center deliver improved outcomes for patients and their families.

Enabling customers with advanced technology

Wolters Kluwer expert solutions are being used by the Máxima to validate research and directly impact patient care. For example, UpToDate is used by both researchers and doctors within the cancer treatment process- to update protocols; as a reference that informs adjustments during clinical trials; or to check “current knowledge” on the front line.


We take our responsibility and accountability to ensure excellence within our products here at Wolters Kluwer; it’s paramount to what we deliver every day to customers and partners like the Princess Máxima Center. “I’m so proud of how our people have rallied to deliver hundreds of solutions under intense pressure and regulatory change, especially during this time,” said Nancy. Part of her stewardship has been focused on guaranteeing resources to reinvest 8%-10% of revenues back into our products, which our organization has been able to do even in times of economic stress, thanks in part due to the digital nature of our business. “We’re very committed to this reinvestment because our customers rely on our products to make life-impacting decisions.”


Dealing with the impact of COVID-19

Like in other organizations, COVID-19 is changing the work of the Máxima and cancer specialists working with this special group of patients. Over 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year worldwide and there’s concern around how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting them, particularly in countries with less resources. For example, blood products have become less available due to COVID-19, which is a severe problem when treating a child with leukemia. Gertjan and his colleagues at the Máxima are collaborating with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the U.S. and the World Health Organization to review treatment protocols, demonstrating their proactive, global approach. “Additionally, I’m concerned about the long-term impacts; specifically, the impact of the economic crisis on the poor, who already face resource constraints,” he said. Gertjan, Nancy and Peter also acknowledged the importance of technology and regular communication to maintain strong team collaboration during this time of uncertainty. Gertjan mentioned that some staff are working remotely. Over 94% of Wolters Kluwer employees have also been working remotely since March 2020.


Next phase(s) of innovation within healthcare

As mentioned by Dr. Bonis, it’s an exciting time in the world of information services. One area to watch, mentioned by our CEO, is the improved timespan of evidence-based medicine, facilitated by solutions like UpToDate that help shorten the timeframe from discovery to practice. She explained further: “The next phase for us is embedding solutions like UpToDate within the electronic medical record, which is the highway where modern medicine is delivered. After that, to embed within the workflow of doctors and nurses.” Other developments such as telemedicine and interactive learning are additional areas of development in the future of healthcare worth watching.


Continuously contributing to society

Community engagement across national borders is a value we share with the Princess Máxima Center.  We are starting a new Volunteer Day Off program for Wolters Kluwer employees in 2021. The company will be offering all global employees up to one day off per year to volunteer that time in support of eligible non-profit organizations, as further commitment to putting our values into action.


In the end, conversations like these help us stay connected with our customers, which is an iterative process. “As the worlds of science, law, taxes are changing every day, we need to stay on top of these new developments in concert with our customers,” said Nancy. As an organization, our sense of purpose is very strong and we feel that every day. CEO Nancy McKinstry could not have brought that point better across when she said, “This webinar reminded me that what we do impacts real lives.” It’s also why partnerships like those we have with the Princess Máxima Center make a difference.


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