FinanceDecember 10, 2019

Natixis can now run their business on a modern digital environment with CCH Tagetik Budgeting & Planning

Discover how Natixis connects all their strategic, operational, financial and departmental plans, faster with built-in features, budgeting automation, unifying their financial reporting processes.
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I work in the subsidiary of BPCE Financement.

We always have new challenges especially with the digital environment.

As a management controller in the financial direction, we have to help the financial direction to get the right strategic goals and propose for them the best answers at the best moment.

We have not to waste a lot of time specially for the quarterly and annual periods.Before CCH Tagetik we were using Excel and Access.

It's a manual process.

We could make mistakes.

We wanted a software to be more efficient.

CCH Tagetik I think offers new opportunities to manipulate data.

It's easier to share the same data in the company.

One of the key benefits is to win time.

We spent more or less 60%of our time to produce the data.

With CCH Tagetik I think it's the opposite.

And a second benefit is toshare the same data, the same reporting.

Also we could use financial or non-financial data.

It gives us a kind of confidence.

We are sure about what we are communicating.
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