FinanceJuly 02, 2022

EVAPCO's account reconciliation process with CCH Tagetik

Learn how Evapco leverages CCH Tagetik platform to deliver their Account Reconciliation to distribute reconciliation needs across multiple data sources.

EVAPCO is a global manufacturer of heat transfer solutions. EVAPCO operate 30 different companies around the world and trade in 12 different currencies. EVAPCO selected CCH Tagetik for: 

With CCH Tagetik, now EVAPCO has an integrated solution that allows them to have more consistent information. 

Prior to implement the CCH Tagetik solutions, EVAPCO were closing their accounts on an annual basis, and it would typically take about four weeks to close. 

Now with CCH Tagetik solutions, EVAPCO is able to close the books on a monthly basis within six days after the period closes. 

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With the implementation of CCH Tagetik EVAPCO increased speed, accuracy and traceability of the consolidation data and process

CCH Tagetik Account Reconciliation solution increased the productivity and the accuracy of EVAPCO financial closing process. The controllers are able to review their accounts on a more timely basis. 

The possibility to implement CCH Tagetik on the cloud allowed EVAPCO system to be more global in scale and access data anywhere at anytime. 

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Reconcile balance sheet, income statement, and other complex accounts automatically.
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