FinanceFebruary 23, 2018

CCH Tagetik empowers Sinclair Pharma with the right insights to manage risks and drive profitability.

Sinclair can now execute detailed plans at the SKU level and forecast the sale of each product across the world to better drive business strategy
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Sinclair Pharma is a big actor in the Pharma industry. The problem was that we had a lot of SKUs to manage. Following and tracking the sales of these products across the whole world was a big challenge. One of the main challenges was the performance of the tools we were using. When a lot of people connected to the system it would crash the system, and we would lose data. We selected CCH Tagetik simply because it was very easy to use and answered all our needs. CCH Tagetik covered the whole process from inputting the data until restitution. What’s unique about CCH Tagetik is that has native Excel. It’s very easy to use and adjust the model. It saves us a lot of time at the moment. The workflow process is in CCH Tagetik.

It gives us more visibility into the business. It’s a tool that’s always evolving and making the financial function evolve at the same time. When you need the support team, they always answer. Sinclair has been using CCH Tagetik for many years. We were one of the first customers in France.

We can say that the product has been major to our environment. Yes, I recommend CCH Tagetik to modernize any financial function.

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