FinanceJune 05, 2020

Planning in a Crisis - Business Lessons from the Eye of the Storm

How Modern Finance Professionals Have Risen to the Challenge

The global shutdown of economies and societies has had a profound impact on every business. No-one could have fully prepared for the speed and scale of upheaval this caused worldwide, so companies have had to respond with their own momentum to stay in control of their business. Since early April, FSN has been interviewing CFOs of global organizations among the Modern Finance Forum to see what strategies they are deploying to manage through the crisis.

In this article, Planning in a Crisis - Business Lessons from the Eye of the Storm, FSN’s Gary Simon sets out 8 key strands of their endeavours from which it is hoped that others can benefit. He also sheds a hopeful light on the how — with the right tools, strategy, and processes in place — opportunity still knocks.

  • What You’ll Learn:
  • Eight critical lessons Finance should learn from the pandemic
  • Why it’s critical to evolve your finance function today — and how to do it
  • How some finance functions have found opportunity amidst the devastation
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