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A Practical Guide to Supply Chain Planning Maturity

From Reactive to Predictive Planning, a Practical Guide to Supply Chain Maturity

With over 25 years of experience, we has helped organization reach operational excellence, unprecedented growth, and supply chain maturity by shifting business planning in a predictive direction. The key business driver for these initiatives typically lives within our clients’ largest cost/profit centers: the supply chain.

According to AMR research, “Billions in operating margins and trillions in market capitalization separate supply chain winners from losers.”

Furthermore, best-in-class supply chains see:

  • 15% reduction in inventory
  • 17% stronger perfect order fulfillment
  • 35% shorter cash to cash cycle times
  • 90% fewer stockouts than competitors

Predictive planning combines the best of advanced analytics with the best of human insight. In a predictive planning state, organizations can reduce the time and resources required for planning cycles, assess risk levels throughout the plans, and produce results aligned with corporate objectives. We have partnered with customers from across the globe – from the mid-market to Fortune 100 – to advance their supply chain planning, sales and operations planning (S&OP), and integrated business planning (IBP) practices.

We developed a 4-step guide to improve Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) maturity, engage profit-driven planning, and outperform competitors in the market through Predictive Planning.

  • Unify Planning
  • Automate Decision-Making
  • Assess the Risk Levels
  • Collaborate for Added Value

Our Predictive Planning is a cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform that can help you digitize your planning, reduce planning error, and achieve your goals at speed and scale.

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