LegalNovember 23, 2021

How CLM Matrix helped Progress Residential transform to digital contract processes in 90 days

Amid a strong growth phase, Progress Residential realized that its traditional paper-based contracting processes were driving unnecessary pain points. Bottlenecks slowed time to approval, and a lack of central storage or valuable data extraction prevented appropriate obligation management. As these inefficiencies caused revenue to slip through the cracks, they lacked the data and process transparency necessary to pinpoint and address the true sources.

The team identified CLM Matrix as the solution that would help deliver workflow design, data capture, and contract centralization to support their continued growth. With strong organizational and legal team backing, Progress Residential successfully converted to a fully digital contract environment in 90 days that drove down contract execution times, avoided unintended renewal cycles, and delivered process transparency throughout the business.


Having the contracts and their data available in one central location was a game changer. We’re able to hold people accountable for contracts coming through and getting approved, which has driven execution times down from a few days or a week to a single day turnaround.”
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