Wolters Kluwer has been operating on the Polish market for over 25 years. The company was founded by merging the offer of Dom Wydawniczy ABC, Kantor Zakamycze, Oficyna Ekonomiczna and the electronic collection of legal information LEX. Over the years, the company transformed into a business focusing on technology and media, who was and continues to be a pioneer in the digitization of law in Poland.For many years now we’ve been the leader among domestic professional publishers Wolters Kluwer Polska is part of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, a global leader in legal solutions and compliance management systems that enable professionals to improve the efficiency of their work, reduce risk and achieve better results.


Our customers – professionals and decision makers from various industries – are at the heart of our actions. That’s why we create our products and services in close collaboration with our users, enabling us to accurately react to their needs and expectations. Intended recipients of our products include lawyers, accountants, representatives of local governments, specialists in various areas and heads of educational and health care institutions. The strength and popularity of our solutions is born from a combination of expertise in the subject matter, specialised technology and rapid reaction to the needs of users. Our company has been able to retain its leading position in the market by setting trends and standards in the supply of legal and industry-related information, flexibly reacting to the changing needs of our customers.


The range of solutions offered by Wolters Kluwer Polska is extensive and covers 4 main segments: the legal industry (including law firms and courts), private businesses and public institutions (including accounting and tax firms), public administration (including administrative authorities, schools and universities) and the health care sector (hospitals). Our portfolio can be divided into 3 main categories: information products, software and tools and applications.

Partnerships and CSR

We also collaborate in the area of innovation and LegalTech with The Heart Warsaw, ELTA (European LegalTech Association) and Women in Law. As part of this cooperation, we try to support startups, young lawyers and adepts of innovation. Since 2020 we’ve been a member of the international Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).

In 2019, we established a strategic partnership with Librus, the goal of which is to create and integrate innovative IT solutions that will respond to the changing needs of educational institutions and local governments.

Our other partners include Polish bar associations – the National Council of Attorneys-at-Law, the Supreme Council of Solicitors and their local branches. We also collaborate with associations representing local governments, such as the Association of Polish Cities and Association of Polish Counties.

Contact details

Wolters Kluwer Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Przyokopowa 33, 01-208 Warsaw
KRS: 0000709879
NIP: 583-001-89-31, REGON: 190610277
BDO registration number: 000110936 Share capital: PLN 19,919,527.00


+48 801 04 45 45
+48 22 535 88 00

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[email protected]

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Sales department: 
[email protected]

Inspector of Personal Data Protection: 
Katarzyna Baranek
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Customers include accounting firms, corporate finance, tax and auditing departments, government agencies, corporations, libraries, and universities.

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