Basecone was founded for and by accountants, to make the lives of accountants and entrepreneurs easier. We have now become the standard in the field of digital document processing.

basecone submit documents
1. Submit documents
Invoices and receipts as well as other documents can be delivered quickly and easily to Basecone. Do you want to save time and upload multiple invoices at the same time? It is possible. 

Upload documents easily and quickly 

Deliver your documents how you want! Uploading invoices is easy in Basecone, but also by email or via our app. Split the invoices into separate invoices at the touch of a button. Once delivered, the invoice is immediately available in Basecone. That way you have complete control over everything.

Processing receipts and / or declarations? Take a photo with our Basecone app and then send it directly to Basecone.
basecone check booking proposal

2. Check booking proposal

Save time and money by reducing and automating the number of actions. When you submit an invoice, Basecone automatically recognises the details of the invoice and checks them with your accounting package.


Automatic booking proposals

Documents are processed in real-time. By combining the recognition with saved booking rules (it is possible to save multiple booking rules per supplier), Basecone comes up with the most complete booking proposal. You can have descriptions adjusted automatically. You can then check and book the proposed automatic booking proposals with 10 items at a time.
basecone approve documents
3. Approve documents

Automatically send invoices for approval
With Basecone you have complete control over the authorization process. By setting up authorization flows, you can automatically assign invoices from suppliers and / or invoices above a certain amount to the right employees. You have full control and insight into the document flow and invoices are not paid without approval.

With our Basecone app you can quickly and easily view the invoices assigned to you and then approve or reject it, anywhere and whenever you want.

Why Basecone? 


Real-time processing

Documents are processed in real-time in your accounting package. In addition, stored booking rules ensure that the booking proposal is as complete as possible.


Fast and easy delivery

Scan and deliver your documents in multiple ways. You can choose to upload the documents via Basecone, send them by email or upload on the go with the Basecone app.


Efficient and controlled workflow

Full control over the document flow and invoices with Basecone workflow. Manage invoices and avoid making payments without approval.

in de cloud

Everything in the cloud, always available

Basecone is a 100% cloud solution, available anytime and anywhere via the internet. So you can supply, authorise and submit declarations anytime and anywhere.

meerdere documenten tegelijk boeken  

Post multiple documents at once

In Basecone you can see the status of all your documents. You can sort them easily and book multiple documents at the same time.

Free webinar

veilig opgeslagen

Safely stored in archive for 10 years

Documents can be securely stored in Basecone for 10 years. Meet tax requirements without storing a single piece of paper.

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