Control your authorisation workflow

When a purchase invoice arrives in an accounting system, there’s still a lot to do with the document before you actually pay the invoice.


Basecone’s authorisation flows ensure that recurring invoices from particular suppliers are sent to the right employees, who can then approve the invoice with a digital signature.


Invoices can also be blocked for payment while checks are completed.  Because you know the exact status of every invoice you can make sure the authoriser knows you’re waiting for approval.  Once everything is approved, the invoice is automatically released for payment.

The key advantages of authorisation management in Basecone

Authorization management: Process invoices quickly and easily
Never lose an invoice and keep your accounting constantly up-to-date
You want invoices to be processed safely, quickly and easily. With Basecone’s authorisation management you have full control over the document flow, ensuring invoices are paid on time.

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With Basecone you control the entire authorisation process. Do you want to submit invoices and book invoices faster? Stop thinking about who should agree? Want to see at a glance where your invoices are? It is possible.
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