When you have several companies active on Basecone, the number of transactions is calculated from adding up all transactions across all companies.  This allows you to spread the number of transactions across all the activated companies in your Basecone environment, without having to worry about exceeding the maximum.  But don’t worry – if you do ever exceed the maximum, we’ll contact you to make sure we find the right price for you. The content of this page is only applicable to Basecone user accounts located in the United Kingdom.

Do you want more? Control your authorisation flow


Assign invoices automatically
to the right users

Take full control of your document flows and prevent
invoices from being paid without approval

+ £4.50

per user authoriser per month

  • Better control over the approval process, from recording the invoice through to payment
  • Up to 6 people in the approval process
  • Add comments to invoices, receipts and expense claims
  • Full audit trail and 10 years’ online availability of all documents, invoices and expense claims

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