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Upload a purchase invoice. Basecone then retrieves the supplier data from Twinfield. You can easily supplement the data based on recognized data. Thanks to the complete Twinfield integration, all data is stored in real-time in Twinfield.

The Basecone and Twinfield connection

Real-time processing

Documents are processed into Twinfield in real-time. In addition, saved posting rules help to create a flawless booking process.

Controlled workflow

The Basecone workflow gives you full control over your document flows and prevents invoices from being paid without approval.

100% cloud-solution

Basecone is a 100% cloud solution: always available online. All your documents will be stored safely in Basecone for 10 years.

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Upload & Expense app

Use our mobile app Basecone Spenser. Take a picture of your invoices and receipts, process them immediately in Twinfield. It’s also possible to submit and process your expense claims easily to Basecone.

The Twinfield integration

Seamless. This is the best way to describe our Twinfield integration. Always delivering a real-time experience.

Authorisation app

Use our Basecone app and you’re ready to approve documents. Simple and quick as never before. Optimise the workflow of your digital documents in the cloud! Our app will allow pre-selected authorisers to review documents.

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