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Audit Data Analytics tools quickly transform huge amounts of client data into actionable information that helps auditors identify high risk areas, focus testing, and reduce sampling risk. With the profession rapidly moving away from historical sampling and toward 100% testing, firms should not delay adding an ADA tool to their audit process.

  • Insights from Andy Hines of Whitley Penn

  • Insights from Morgan Martin of Rodl & Partner

  • Insights from Stefan Davis of Wolters Kluwer

  • Insights from Jason Miller

Watch this video featuring Andy Hines of Whitley Penn as he discusses: 

  • Compelling reasons for adopting and advancing the use of audit data analytics 
  • The importance of analytics
  • Approaches to implementing analytics 
  • Advise for firms looking for an analytics tool
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Watch this video featuring Morgan Martin of Rodl & Partner as she discusses: 

  • Key drivers for firms using audit data analytics
  • The importance of audit data analytics
  • Training to successfully implement analytics
  • Quick wins for firms to start their analytics journey
Morgan Martin Presentation - Audit Analytics
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Watch this video featuring Stefan Davis of Wolters Kluwer as he discusses: 

  • Keys to successful analytics
  • Approach to implementing analytics
  • Examples of standard and specific analytics
  • Leveraging TeamMate Analytics as your invaluable solution
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Introducing the Wolters Kluwer Audit Talks Podcast Series, where we hear first hand from audit insides on the latest trends, news and technologies designed to help you transform and elevate your audit and advisory practice. 

In this new podcast, you will hear from Jason Miller, Audit Partner at Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C., as he discusses the value data analytics brings to the audit workflow.

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Available On-Demand Resources

  • Execute your data-driven audit 
    The journey toward a fully data-driven audit that utilizes AI begins by first effectively leveraging automation and analytics in your audit workflow. When you execute a data-driven audit, you will gain multiple efficiencies and learn as you go. 

    Watch this webinar recording to understand why there's no turning back from the data-driven audit, how risk assessment and analytics improve with this new approach and how Wolters Kluwer technology helps.
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