Wolters Kluwer provides a broad range of services and software solutions to help banks, credit unions, brokerage funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, leasing and insurance companies meet their complex and ever-changing compliance and regulatory obligations.

Banking Product Compliance

Solutions that help financial institutions simplify workflows, drive efficiencies, ensure compliance and navigate regulatory changes efficiently while embedding compliance at every stage, from origination through ongoing servicing.

Finance, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

The OneSumX® and Wiz® suites of regulatory compliance solutions provide financial institutions with unparalleled capabilities to analyze, interpret and address their global risk, finance, regulatory reporting and enterprise compliance management obligations.

Tax Reporting Compliance

Solutions that provide financial institutions, accounting and legal professionals with detailed and accurate taxability information for portfolio and tax lot accounting, cost basis and withholding tax compliance.

Insurance Compliance

The industry's most trusted and relied upon solutions to manage the insurance compliance process, and a common platform to monitor and report on compliance risks.

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