The transition from CCH ProSystem fx™ Engagement to CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep was very easy
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Adding Value with CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep


At times, learning new software is frustrating and time consuming. That is especially true when you know the old software so well. However, at BNA CPAs & Advisors, we found our transition from CCH ProSystem fx™ Engagement to CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep to be:

  • Very user friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to navigate

In the beginning

Previously, preparing compilations and reviews with CCH ProSystem fx™ Engagement was more time-consuming. Fact is, entering journal entries and trial balances using CCH ProSystem fx™ Engagement simply takes more time. Additionally, CCH ProSystem fx™ Engagement is also reliant on multiple programs, such as Excel.

Introducing CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep

Once we started testing CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep, though, we:

  • Increased productivity by reducing input time for trial balances and journal entries
  • Connected seamlessly with Xero™ and QuickBooks® Online to import client data
  • Connected easily with CCH Axcess™ Tax to import into the tax return
  • Integrated financial statements without refreshing or opening additional programs

Moreover, CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep is cloud-based. That’s an advantage for firms like ours that have a very flexible work schedule where many of us work remotely. Because it’s cloud-based, we stay productive when working remotely because CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep requires only an internet connection!

Imagine, prior to this new solution, when our server went down we lost a great deal of productivity because we could not use CCH ProSystem fx™ Engagement at all. We’re thankful that lost productivity is no longer a concern, now that we use CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep.


Overall, CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep helps our firm increase productivity and gives us more time to focus on and advise our clients. This is especially true during busy season. Furthermore, the time saved on data entry, especially with integration to Xero™, QuickBooks® Online and CCH Axcess™ Tax, helps increase the number of tax returns we can prepare. That, in turn, increases our revenues earned during tax season.

Bottomline, CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep is a reliable and value-added program for any sized accounting firm. Check it out.

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