Deliver higher quality audits more efficiently, while complying with current AICPA Risk Assessment Standards to avoid common peer review deficiencies. The award-winning CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach is a peer reviewed and patented on-premise audit solution that increases efficiencies by helping auditors assess risk while tailoring each audit to a company's unique circumstances, suggesting procedures, increasing the quality of the audit, and ensuring under-or-over auditing is limited. All while the auditor continues to exercise professional judgement. Learn how CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach helps your firm:

  • Streamline workflows
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve quality
CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach Overview
Support every one of your engagements with a working papers solution that does everything, enabling you to do more volume with less people.
Looking for a cloud audit solution?
Check out our cloud-based CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach solution.
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