We devise a different Learning Path according to the expertise of a specific Domain. Each Learning Path is divided into 2 main areas:

  • Platform Expertise. This initial part will contain all courses and certifications related to the CCH Tagetik Platform. The knowledge of this part of your path will ensure your success in managing the CCH Tagetik platform, regardless of the domain of your project
  • Solution Expertise. This second part of the path will focus on all the knowledge, functions and features of a specific Domain. ESG, Global Minimum Tax, Consolidation, Supply Chain Planning are just examples of the main "Solution" paths.

Download the document related to your area of interest to see the full recommended Learning Path, with duration, pre-requisites and available certification tests. In addition it will show if a course is an Instructor-led class (ILT) or a Self-paced course.

While our courses have a fixed curriculum, we know that you might have a different learning style or need to complete the course at a different pace. To accommodate a variety of needs, you can complete every exercise through:

  • Learning by problem solving. You’re presented with a task, but you must remember where to find a particular window or button
  • Learning by doing. Use the hints section to follow step-by-step instructions

Every catalogue shows the recommended classes and actions to become a CCH® Tagetik Pro or Champion in your area.


Learning Path

These customized courses for users are available on-demand:

If you already have all the information you need, have a look at our calendar and choose the best course for your needs.

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