The Learning Institute

When companies invest in an enterprise software solution, the selection of the right product is just one driver of project success. Ensuring that the project team, administrators, report writers, and end-users are able to effectively utilize and support the system is just as important as the technology itself. Training provides the necessary foundation for success by informing smart system design during implementation and driving rapid user adoption once the system goes live.

Recognizing the importance of training to support clients’ success, ELM Solutions has a dedicated in-house training organization, the Learning Institute. The Learning Institute provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to training and learning support throughout each customer’s partnership with ELM Solutions. With unique and inventive services, such as training subscriptions and dial-for-training live learning support, we are reinventing training for the enterprise legal management industry by providing each client with:

  • Holistic support for their training needs throughout their relationship
  • The right level of training, at the right time, for the right audience
  • Learning options tailored to their specific requirements – not a one-size-fits-all program
  • A variety of training delivery options to support varied learning styles and educational needs
  • Training reinforcement to aid in the user adoption of the solution

To support different learning styles, we leverage a diverse set of training delivery methods, such as instructor-led courses, eLearning options, live training support, and train-the-trainer services and certification programs.

Training offerings include:

  • Training types
  • Training consultation
  • Course offerings
  • Project kickoff training services – Includes training for key business and IT stakeholders who will participate in the requirements and design phases of the implementation
  • Implementation training services – Our subject matter experts train user acceptance testing (UAT) participants and end-users based on the client’s specific software configuration and key business processes
  • Open enrollment training – Recurring technical training for system administrators, system designers, and report developers offered up to eight times per year to help manage and grow technical knowledge
  • Subscription services – A range of subscription-based services – such as on-demand eLearning modules, how-to animations, live training support, annual onsite training, virtual training, and documentation updates – to reinforce the knowledge and use of the system
  • On-demand learning – Self-serve access to robust help files, how-to animations, and eLearning courses provide training as needed
  • Live learning support – Phone access to training professionals to assist with the ad hoc training needs of end-users, system administrators, and system designers
  • Training project management – The Learning Institute can manage the complete training project, eliminating the need for the client to dedicate any of its own resources
  • Certification programs – Available to our client users, technical staff, and trainers to guarantee a high level of application proficiency

Because Passport® and TyMetrix® 360° are powerful technology solutions that support the unique and complex needs of the largest companies in the world, each client’s implementation and configuration is different. Our training services include the ability to consult with clients to fully assess their training needs and build an appropriate training program and curriculum for their users and technical staff. This results in the development of a training plan that is designed to identify the roles, actions, and functions to be trained and a curriculum plan designed to achieve our clients’ goals for their system and operations.

The Learning Institute can also customize training content and curriculum, including course materials, eLearning solutions, and how-to animations to reflect a client’s specific Passport or TyMetrix 360° configuration. This can include ongoing support to maintain all custom training materials and programs and keep them up-to-date with the configuration changes that a client makes to its solution over time.

The Learning Institute offers the following training consulting and custom training services:

  • Training project management
  • Training plan development
  • Client-specific course development and delivery
  • Client-specific eLearning solution development
  • Deployment planning
  • Learning assessments and learning remediation services

The Learning Institute has developed and offers a full range of standard courses and documentation, some of which can be customized to reflect a client’s specific software configuration. Courses available to Passport or TyMetrix 360° system administrators, system designers, report designers, and end-users include:

  • End-user and administrator application training
  • End-user and administrator module training
  • System designer training
  • Report designer training

Additionally, we offer end-user training courses for LegalVIEW® legal analytics offerings:

  • LegalVIEW benchmarking end-user training
  • LegalVIEW dashboards end-user training

Training refresher packages for Passport and TyMetrix 360°

We offer discounted training packages designed specifically for our clients who are looking for an educational refresh and acquire new knowledge and skills. These packages are designed to:

  • Support effective software usage
  • Uncover features and functions you may not currently be using
  • Reinforce key concepts, business processes, and desired outcomes
  • Achieve your targeted business objectives
  • Realize a return on your investment in the software

Refresher package - 20% discount

  • One 25-seat end-user virtual training session
  • An application reference booklet (PDF)
  • A seat at a system administration course*

Refresher plus package - 30% discount

  • One 25-seat end-user virtual training session
  • An application reference booklet (Word format)
  • A seat at system administration course*
  • Choice of: Report design course for one report developer (TyMetrix 360°); system design or report design for a technical resource (Passport)*

* Technical courses are taught in Houston; clients responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Open enrollment training


Self-Paced Course title Location Click to enroll Seats
On Demand Self-Paced Passport Report Designer Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
On Demand Self-Paced TyMetrix 360° Report Designer Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
Date Course title Location Click to enroll Seats
9-10 August 2022 Passport Admin Toolkit Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
9-10 August 2022 TyMetrix 360° Network Admin Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
13-14 September 2022 Passport Admin Toolkit Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
13-14 September 2022 TyMetrix 360° Network Admin Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
27-29 September 2022 Passport Designer Toolkit Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
8-9 November 2022 Passport Admin Toolkit Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
15-16 November 2022 TyMetrix 360° Network Admin Virtually Hosted Enroll 10
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