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Wolters Kluwer unveils generative AI Labs for UpToDate

Wolters Kluwer Health to demonstrate initial generative AI application at HLTH 2023

Wolters Kluwer Health has launched AI Labs, a collaborative resource that brings the power of generative AI to UpToDate, its market leading clinical decision support (CDS) solution, helping medical professionals make more informed decisions.

UpToDate is used by more than two million users at over 44,000 healthcare organizations in over 190 countries. Medical professionals turn to UpToDate to view over 650 million topics per year. Wolters Kluwer will demonstrate AI Labs and an initial application of generative AI augmenting retrieval of UpToDate clinical content at HLTH 2023.

Responsible generative AI for clinical decision support

“Our goal for UpToDate is to continuously improve how we present and deliver content to best support informed decision-making at the point of care,” said Greg Samios, President and CEO of Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer Health. “Bringing together the power of UpToDate and generative AI can help drive value for both clinicians and patients. With this advanced capability, we have an implementation of generative AI that could help clinicians make better and more informed decisions to deliver the best care everywhere.”

“Wolters Kluwer has been leveraging AI technologies for many years. Our Health solutions apply AI to diverse healthcare challenges, from identifying diversion of medications, to helping nursing students advance with personalized learning,” said Dr. Peter Bonis, Chief Medical Officer, Wolters Kluwer Health. “We are committed to setting a standard for the responsible application of generative AI to the complex realities of front-line healthcare. AI Labs permits us to collaborate with UpToDate users to develop new capabilities for the safe and effective use of generative AI to help enhance clinical decision-making.”

UpToDate’s more than 12,400 clinical topics are based on the synthesis of medical literature and the experience of physician experts around the world. Studies on UpToDate have demonstrated its use is associated with improved decision-making, quality of care, education, and outcomes including reduced mortality.  

“I am impressed with what I’ve seen so far from Wolters Kluwer. They know that implementing generative AI in healthcare must be done responsibly and, because it is used directly with patients, it needs to be done right,” said Julio Ramirez, Chief Scientific Officer at Norton Infectious Diseases Institute. “UpToDate is the gold standard for clinicians around the world for trusted, evidence-based clinical information and treatment recommendations. The approach they have taken is the right one and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.”

Building on Wolters Kluwer’s solid AI foundation

Around 50% of Wolters Kluwer’s digital revenues now come from products that leverage artificial intelligence. Wolters Kluwer products, services and expert solutions are based on a foundation of trust, transparency, and responsibility – in line with the company’s values. Wolters Kluwer’s AI Principles, which guide the design, development and deployment of advanced technologies in helping customers solve their most complex problems, can be found here.

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Andre Rebelo
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Oltre 2 milioni di medici in tutto il mondo si affidano a UpToDate per prendere le migliori decisioni terapeutiche.
UpToDate è l'unica risorsa di supporto decisionale in campo clinico associata ad un miglioramento nei risultati.
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