Financesjanvier 15, 2018

Le groupe Siam Clement a optimisé sa performance financière et prend désormais de meilleurs décisions stratégiques en étant mieux informé grâce à CCH Tagetik !

Découvrez comment Siam Clement a modernisé sa palette d'outils et automatisé l'allocation des coûts ainsi que l'analyse de rentabilité afin de gagner du temps et analyser ses données.

Siam Concrete Group
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Before using CCH Tagetik we had scattered Excel files in the organization, we had many experts using Excel, but when they change their functions andnew users took on their roles, they could not follow the reports.So we tried to find out the right solutionto standardize our reporting process.We had many vendors to select from,Microsoft, Hyperion, IBM … and we found that the suitable solution for our needs was CCH Tagetik.

I think the main aspect that differentiates CCH Tagetik from the other products is the ease of use.

It allows the users to do allocation rules by themselves and that's the main reason why we selected it.Before CCH Tagetik we had the calculation in Excel and the userseasily put the allocation logic into CCH Tagetik.Once they have many assumptions and calculation they are able to change by themselves and they try to learn, according to the implementation time, and finally we can get through the high position that we want to, in the past few years.

Using CCH Tagetik we can reduce the preparation phase of the data,if we did not have it, we would have to gather the information from many sources of data.

Now that we get the standard structure of the application, we can gather the information from any sourcesand populate the data into CCH Tagetik, automatically.

That's the amazing thing: we can reduce the preparation phase, so the users can use that time to analyse data, so that is the value that we can have from CCH Tagetik.I think that the most important thing using CCH Tagetik is the unified platform, it allows me to do the accounting and reporting in one single application and that's what I was looking for.In terms of benefits that we get, the most significant is the TCO and being able to analyse datanot only in the data preparation that we did in the past.

That's the biggest benefit: our users can now have time to analyze the data.

I would recommend CCH Tagetik to other companies that need a unified platform to improve their business financial processes.
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