Stakeholder involvement occurs across the audit cycle, from assessment and planning to execution of audit reporting and eventual follow-up. At every step, they are looking for answers. Create more compelling audit reports — those that are visual, clear, and concise — to engage with stakeholders and provide the greatest audit impact!

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Audit execution

TeamMate+ enhances the audit process by connecting with business intelligence tools, provides dashboards needed to visualize and track various audit workflows, and preserves the overall audit trail. Elevate your process-level communication between teams — document submission requests, response monitoring, data capturing, etc. — to better facilitate the execution of your individual audit.

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Reporting and transparency

Stakeholders respond to clarity. They value and appreciate when your end-of-audit report is concise. Provide visually compelling data and information that quickly addresses the most demanding risks and offer accurate recommendations to mitigate them. Leverage your preferred ad hoc reporting tool, such as Power BI, Tableau, and Excel, to accurately report your findings.

Stay focused and ensure you’re communicating only the most important and relevant results. Present highly configurable reporting and dashboards that don’t require scripting. Drill down into the data to provide greater clarity and context of your insights. 

Embedded expertise

Our solutions align with audit standards and industry best practices. They have been refined over the course of the last three decades, working with audit professionals across industries and around the globe. TeamMate’s purpose-built audit solutions and services offer the depth of functionality that has helped over 120,000 auditors efficiently manage their audit workflow.

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