With TeamCloud, your data is available when you need it. Your information resides on our managed servers. Your employees access your audit programs, work papers, recommendations, and other TeamMate data securely through the web. In today’s information technology environment, where employees expect web access to their tools, TeamCloud allows you to support your remote and local teams with the same flexible, stable environment. Updates to current software releases are automatically applied, giving you access to the latest TeamMate features without having to request and wait for your IT department’s upgrade windows.

Secure Solution

With TeamCloud, your information is protected from physical risks and unauthorized access. Industry standard firewall, backup, and data center security technologies and processes are in place to keep your data available and secure.

  • Each customer has a separate database with individual user accounts and passwords. Your data belongs to you and can be handed over if you later choose to host the application yourself.
  • Access to your data is secured by proven technologies.
  • Access is secured from the Internet using industry standard firewall technology at both the application layer and the data layer.
  • All traffic to the hosted software site is secured using SSL encryption protocols.
  • The hosted systems are operated under the controls, security, and audit process of the SOC 2, Type II hosting facility.
  • System availability is constantly monitored with automatic notification of outages to our support team.
  • All systems are designed to provide 99% or greater availability to customers.
  • TeamMate data is backed up on a daily basis, stored off site, and retained for two weeks.
  • More extensive backup system options are available with custom contract terms.
  • Historical data is stored live in the TeamMate software product, allowing customers to maintain as much historical data as necessary throughout the term of the contract.
  • Details of the physical security methods and disaster recovery plans are available upon request once an appropriate non-disclosure agreement has been completed.

Cost Savings

Your organization can achieve significant savings by letting Wolters Kluwer host your TeamMate suite. Most organizations find the cost of a hosted solution versus developing and maintaining their own environment to be significantly lower.  The need to purchase and manage additional hardware as your TeamMate databases expand is eliminated. In addition, the involvement of your information technology staff is minimized, since our team fully supports user access, manages the servers, and monitors performance. TeamCloud is a cost-effective and flexible answer to the needs of many organizations.

Hosting Support

Hosting clients have full access to the TeamMate support team to assist with general and technical questions about using the TeamMate suite. All systems are designed to provide 99% or greater availability to customers using the TeamMate Hosted Software Solution.