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All TeamMate+ Migration Sessions

Migrated Clients - Panel Discussion

General Audience
Are you a TeamMate AM champion who is eager to hear about the migration experiences of others? This panel discussion is entirely dedicated to this topic. Learn how other TeamMate AM clients prepared for and completed their migration to TeamMate+. On the panel we will have clients you used a variety of the migration service offerings so you can learn about personal experiences with these options.

Migration 101: Intro to Migrating from AM to TM+

General Audience
In this session, learn how to plan and prepare your team for migration by exploring the latest migration offerings to see how they align with your organizational needs. TeamMate+ migration experts will also guide you through the most frequently asked questions and provide the answers your team needs to plan your migration.

Migration 201: Best Practices

General Audience
After assisting hundreds of clients through their TeamMate migration, our team of experts have established a set of best practices to share. Learn how to get your TeamMate AM data ready for migration; plan for additional data that will be needed for TeamMate+ and review the tools available to help you prepare.

Migration 301: Data Migration Wizard in Action & Next Steps

General Audience
Come see how the self-driven Migration Wizard in TeamMate+ works through a demonstration of the steps and the results of a migration. Preview the Services Portal that contains the tasks for your migration and learn how to plan your next steps in your TeamMate migration journey.

TeamMate+ 101: An Introduction to TeamMate+ Audit (Part 1)

General Audience
This session is intended for TeamMate AM clients who have had little to no experience or exposure to TeamMate+ Audit and would like to learn more. This session will provide a very high level overview of features and capabilities of the new platform; a better understanding of the new user interface patterns. This is the first of a two part elective.

TeamMate+ 101: An Introduction to TeamMate+ Audit (Part 2)

General Audience
With the basics of Part 1 under your belt, this session will take a deeper dive into the components of planning, executing and reporting for an audit engagement while exploring new features and mapping how TeamMate AM workflows are achieved in TeamMate+. This is the second of a two part elective.

TeamMate+ 101: TeamMate+ Audit Roadmap for 2021

General Audience
As TeamMate AM users who are new to TeamMate+, come learn about the ideas on the future roadmap for TeamMate+ and new features you can plan to take advantage of after your migration.

TeamMate+ 101: Reporting Options

General Audience
TeamMate+ Audit has more reporting options for teams to explore. In this session, learn about the five mechanisms for reporting:

  • Landing Page Dashboards
  • Configurable Perspectives (for export)
  • Audit Reports
  • In-application MI Reports
  • Reporting API

TeamMate+ Technical Planning for Migrating from TeamMate AM to TeamMate+

While your business partners are planning their functional migration to TeamMate+, explore the technical considerations such as how to support your team through their migration period, user maintenance, archival options and considerations and much more.