Our team’s commitment to your continued success as our customer is foundational to Wolters Kluwer’s values. We make it easy no matter the size of your organization.

Our process begins with us working to understand your organization’s unique goals and challenges so we can effectively help you enhance your clinical surveillance and compliance programs—and reach your organization’s essential strategic goals. 

Where We Focus to Ensure Success

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Customized Implementation Plans

Our team drives implementation and hosts weekly status calls and status reports to keep your team engaged and meet deadlines.

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In-depth Technical Assessments

Seamless data integration from your EHR is essential to ensure Wolters Kluwer’s applications properly update. Our team provides guidance for fixing identified concerns.

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Robust Training & Support

Our clinical team provides virtual training to help optimize the solution's full functionality; ensuring new applications and data flow seamlessly into existing workflows.

Learn More About Our Implementation Process

Click through the tabs below to learn about key areas of focus for implementing our Clinical Surveillance and Compliance software solutions.


Every compliance implementation receives expert guidance, including a:

  • Personalized environmental monitoring plan developed by industry experts.
  • Scalable and flexible implementation approach based on proven methodology and tailored to organizational needs.
  • Dedicated team of subject matter experts consults with you. Our goal is to make compliance easy and eliminate any guesswork to help organizations meet the multitude of USP guidelines and achieve higher standards of practice.
  • Focus on accelerating your time to value using our solution. We accomplish this through customized workflow training developed by our team once we understand your department’s processes and goals.

Our team of technical and clinical experts are available for consultations in these key areas: 


  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) Professional Services package (optional) includes a Gap Analysis Survey, ASP Performance Scorecard, Executive Summary report identifying areas of focus with recommendations and an ASP Pathway to Success action plan for your facility.  
  • Clinical Onsite Workflow Integration Assessment (optional) where the Wolters Kluwer Pharmacy and/or Infection Prevention clinical experts will complete onsite tailored professional clinical workflow integration sessions.  

POC Advisor

  • Implementation support includes onsite workflow design session by our compliance experts, pilot site training and go-live support.  
  • Change Management program is designed to provide guidance throughout the implementation to ensure the best outcomes in compliance and clinician satisfaction.  

Our Support team is an extension of your team. We’re here to assist around the clock. Ensuring full adoption and optimization of our solutions is a priority.

  • 24/7 Customer Support team answers your questions quickly on a day-to-day basis. Other expert team members—technical, product, or clinical—are engaged depending on the complexity of the request.  
  • Dedicated Customer Success team members assist with ongoing needs as healthcare trends or your programs change. This includes adopting new features that might enhance your daily effectiveness or optimize your program.  
  • Comprehensive Help & Training access our comprehensive library of online training, webinars as well as documented guides. These materials are updated quarterly. Additionally, our Support team schedules training to review solution functionality, as well as onboard new employees.   
Data Enrichment and Standardization for Surveillance Implementations 
Identifying the most relevant clinical insights requires AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and effective drug and lab results mapping. These capabilities increase the effectiveness of our evidence-based rules, alerts and analytics for POC Advisor and Sentri7. 

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