Detect potential diversion earlier to improve safety and compliance

Despite 98% of healthcare executives agreeing that drug diversion occurs in hospitals, 79% believe that most drug diversion goes undetected. With Sentri7, detect drug diversion, bolster controlled substance compliance, and track medication inventory.

Sentri7 Drug Diversion (formerly Flowlytics from Invistics) is the only drug diversion software funded by the NIH 

Utilizing machine learning, Sentri7 enables quick detection of potential diversion from purchase to the patient with predictive analytics and actionable dashboards. Sentri7 integrates data from multiple IT systems including Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC), Electronic Health Records (EHR), and other data systems to provide a comprehensive assessment of diversion risk across the entire supply chain.

Detect drug diversion earlier, ease reporting, and effectively manage inventory.
Learn how advanced analytics can support your pharmacy teams in sifting through data to provide answers in near real-time.

The State of Drug Diversion 2023 Report

This report provides a comprehensive look at drug diversion programs from the view of healthcare executives, pharmacists, and drug diversion specialists. In this report, you will discover.

  • The extent of the drug diversion issue in hospitals and its impact on the quality of care
  • How drug diversion detection technology has evolved to include artificial intelligence/machine learning and how advanced technologies improve confidence in diversion detection
  • Actions taken by hospital leaders to prioritize their drug diversion programs
Drug Diversion

Drug diversion detection best practices

Pharmacist in pharmacy
Drug diversion study using machine learning and advanced analytics
In 2022, the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy published a research study to develop a test for novel drug diversion detection methods. Improved diversion detection and reduction in diversion improves patient safety, limits harm to the person diverting, reduces the public health impact of a substance use disorder, and mitigates significant liability risk to pharmacists and their organizations.

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