I'd like to know more about Sentri7 Sepsis Monitor’s comprehensive sepsis surveillance solution.

Early and accurate detection of sepsis is the only way to save lives, reduce the cost of care and improve CMS compliance. Sepsis Monitor is scientifically proven to improve sepsis outcomes by ensuring every patient receives the right care at the right time.

With Sentri7 Sepsis Monitor:

  • Identify sepsis early and accurately: Sepsis Monitor provides continuous 24/7, automated clinical surveillance of a hospital’s patient population by analyzing a broad cross-section of EHR data, including Clinical Notes, to identify at-risk patients. Clinically maintained algorithms, clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP), and evidence-based content helps to detect sepsis up to 6 hours earlier and manage patients' care throughout their stay and staff transition.
  • Empower proactive sepsis care: Sepsis Monitor’s centralized population view enables sepsis coordinators or rapid response teams to surveil an entire hospital continuously. Alerts routed directly into clinical workflows, including central patient monitor, to EHRs or mobile communication devices, and patient-specific guidance for SEP-1 bundle care equip bedside teams to act early and fast while adhering to hospital protocols.
  • Improve sepsis outcomes & performance: Sepsis Monitor is proven to improve patient outcomes, quality care measures, and financial performance. Our customers achieve improvements in sepsis-related:
  • Provider acknowledgement of alerts and protocols
  • CMS SEP-1 Bundle Compliance to improve CMS ratings
  • LOS and associated episode cost savings
  • Mortality to improve CMS star ratings

A representative will contact you within one business day to help you determine how Wolters Kluwer can help your organization improve intervention and outcomes, and reduce the costs associated with sepsis care.

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