Eliminate the Information Silos

Why is evidence-based practice important in healthcare? What challenges does it present when implemented in a hospital setting? This white paper will seek to answer those questions with insights from Vikram Savkar, SVP and General Manager, Medicine Segment of the Health Learning Research & Practice business at Wolters Kluwer, and Lya Cartwright-Stroupe, DNP, APRN, CPNP, NEA-BC, Manager of Nursing Research and Professional Development for WVU Medicine and West Virginia University Hospitals.

This white paper will also discuss:

  • The origins, importance, and key drivers of quality improvement in healthcare
  • The importance of an EBP culture to medical facilities
  • The current obstacles to fully implementing EBP
  • Ways to improve the educational experience of healthcare providers and patient care outcomes through industry-wide guidelines
  • The importance of increasing team collaboration to improve facility-wide processes
  • Utilize technology-guided EBP to close gaps in care and operational excellence.

Stakes are high for patients — and the bottom line of your institution. To learn more about eliminating silos, download our white paper now!

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Going forward, the success of EBP will depend on unity and continuity in the process, sharing everything from beginning to end. We must hold the concept of evidence-based practice to the same high standards to which we hold healthcare. When we're able to organize, standardize, and accelerate quality improvement, everyone wins.
Vikram Savkar
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