image of Consumer Health Informatics: New Services, Roles, and Responsibilities

Consumer Health Informatics: New Services, Roles, and Responsibilities

Publication Year:
1st Ed.
Wetter, Thomas
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Presents a consumer-friendly overview of technical, social, and policy issues associated with the adoption, use, and impact of consumer technologies for health and health care
Takes a multi-sector, integrated systems approach to help unify the field of digital health, with an emphasis on user-centered design, best practices, and building the evidence base
Provides a technical foundation that inspires students in computer sciences, information design, and communications to get involved in consumer health informatics

This unique collection synthesizes insights and evidence from innovators in consumer informatics and highlights the technical, behavioral, social, and policy issues driving digital health today and in the foreseeable future. Consumer Informatics and Digital Health presents the fundamentals of mobile health, reviews the evidence for consumer technology as a driver of health behavior change, and examines user experience and real-world technology design challenges and successes. Additionally, it identifies key considerations for successfully engaging consumers in their own care, considers the ethics of using personal health information in research, and outlines implications for health system redesign. The editors’ integrative systems approach heralds a future of technological advances tempered by best practices drawn from today’s critical policy goals of patient engagement, community health promotion, and health equity. Here’s the inside view of consumer health informatics and key digital fields that students and professionals will find inspiring, informative, and thought-provoking. 

Included among the topics:

• Healthcare social media for consumer informatics

• Understanding usability, accessibility, and human-centered design principles

• Understanding the fundamentals of design for motivation and behavior change

• Digital tools for parents: innovations in pediatric urgent care

• Behavioral medicine and informatics in the cancer community

• Content strategy: writing for health consumers on the web

• Open science and the future of data analytics

• Digital approaches to engage consumers in value-based purchasing

Consumer Informatics and Digital Health takes an expansive view of the fields influencing consumer informatics and offers practical case-based guidance for a broad range of audiences, including students, educators, researchers, journalists, and policymakers interested in biomedical informatics, mobile health, information science, and population health. It has as much to offer readers in clinical fields such as medicine, nursing, and psychology as it does to those engaged in digital pursuits.
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Wetter, Thomas
  • Community Health & Disease Prevention
  • Health Administration
  • Health Policy
  • Health Systems & Services
  • Management
1st Ed.
Publication Year:

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