What is Granular Data Reporting?

Granular data reporting is becoming increasingly important to regulators all over the world. Regulators are striving for greater transparency and enhanced data governance.

Requirements globally include the European’s AnaCredit requirement, Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s (HKMA) Granular Data Repository (GDR), Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) Comprehensive Data Collection roadmap (CDC), and the Bank of Thailand’s (BOT) Regulatory Data Transformation (RDT).

Benefits of our OneSumX Granular Data Reporting solution

OneSumX GDR is a global platform that provides fast system rollout, early automation and will help you save in internal development and operational effort.

Our solution provides extensive data lineage capabilities, catering to critical data validation and audit needs. Discover the benefits of this solution to see how we are a market leader for Regulatory Reporting solutions with a proven track record of 100+ clients.

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Meet ever-changing regulatory requirements

Reduce operational risk and free up resource as our team of subject matter experts, business and technical analysts actively monitor regulatory changes and provide updates within the Regulatory Update Service (RUS).

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Advanced technology

Prior client experience means we have advanced technology that’s tried and tested across the globe for Granular Data Reporting, including EBA, Belgium BECRIS 2.0, HKMA, RDT and APRA.

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Cost effectiveness

Prebuilt solution and track record implementing granular reporting reduces the cost to compliance for banks.

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5 OneSumX Granular Data Reporting capabilities
OneSumX GDR is part of OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting solution and features the same mature platform being used for Granular Reporting like Anacredit, HKMA GDR, Bank of Thailand RDT and APRA ARS 220. Take a look at our video that explores its capabilities: From being a proven GDR Platform, to its regulatory submission workflow, to integrity and accuracy of data, regulator validations and analytics, and robust and scalable processing.

Global expertise

Wolters Kluwer is the leader in Regulatory Reporting globally, and has 100+ clients. Our OneSumx GDR solution serves all regions and meets granular data reporting guidelines relating to ECB, HKMA, APRA, and BOT.

ECB - AnaCredit

We’ve had 100+ GDR projects in EMEA for the European Central Bank’s AnaCredit regulation in 2018 on Granular Data Reporting for Credit Risk Data.


Hong Kong (HKMA) launched the Granular Reporting Pilot Program in 2019 which was finalized in 2020 and launched its second phase in 2021. Our mature global platform incorporates HKMA specific requirements, alongside our Regulatory Update Service.


Various granular data reporting initiatives have been rolled out across China by all regulators since 2019. Our solution supports financial institutions looking to navigate these guidelines and the number of initiatives are expected to grow significantly over the next 3-5 years.


APRA (Australia) launched its granular reporting program ARS 220 around Credit Risk in late 2020. A five-year roadmap has since been released regarding their Comprehensive Data Collection (CDC) and our OneSumX GDR solution supports these new requirements.


Bank of Thailand (BOT) has announced the Regulatory Data Transformation, a journey of granular data reporting, backed by APIs with a submission deadline of 2023. As a market leader in GDR, we can enable banks to start implementations during the consulting stage of the regulation, giving banks a head-start.

BECRIS 2.0 - Belgium

Beginning January 2024, the Belgian National Bank (NBB) will integrate the Central Individual Credit Register (CICR) with BECRIS, their existing system, as part of their initiative to modernize their credit data collection system. This integration will expand BECRIS to replace the current CKP/CCP application and provide comprehensive credit reporting for institutions issuing credit contracts to individuals.

Managing granular data reporting challenges

The goal for regulators is to see greater transparency and enhanced data governance. They are looking to build better data-driven insights, and encourage evidence-based, objective decision-making. We understand there may be challenges that come with achieving these goals. Let us help you overcome these common challenges so you can meet regulatory requirements with confidence.

Lack of time

Existing systems and teams are struggling to accommodate the new demands of short lead-time for large data sets and have limited expertise in GDR.

Cost and performance

Consolidation and submission of granular data requires a highly performant system. Without a proper solution, banks will spend significant cost to comply.

Complex data processes

Increasingly complex granular data collection and reporting processes leads to accuracy, timeliness, and performance issues. Extensive data validation and verification are needed.

Data availability

Many banks are struggling to find the data in their existing systems. Planning and early action for system enhancement is required.

OneSumX GDR Solution Features

OneSumX GDR is a market-leading solution for complex granular data reporting and technology needs. We have proven successes with AnaCredit in Europe, APRA regulations in Australia, HKMA directives in Hong Kong and PBoC rules in China. It’s a scalable system that allows you to gain a single source of truth, with more data transparency, and support for more reporting formats.

It can quickly adapt to change, and support configuration and processing of large amounts of data. It includes high-speed reports and regulatory upgrade features that stay up-to-date, and it’s backed by APIs and microservices and allows you to manage and exchange data between multiple agents as needed. It’s easy to use and allows you to coordinate project teams seamlessly. These features will give you faster and more cost-effective integration.
  • Data validation checks
    • Future-proofed design and functional validation checks to cater for extension of granular data reporting to other dimensions
    • Pre-defined picklist of technical validations
    • Scale to accommodate changes to regulatory acceptable field values
    • User defined validation rules
    • User-friendly error logging
    • Assign validation errors across departments
  • Enhanced data extraction
    • Compatible with regulatory taxonomy and data classification
    • Access dynamic data templates for added flexibility
    • Built in models, business logic and submission formats
    • Standard data layer with no separate data silos
    • Common Risk and Regulatory calculation data model that can be easily integrated with HKMA or BOT
  • Data adjustments
    • Adjust at transaction-level with a four-eyes principle audit trail
    • Re-run validations, post data adjustments.
  • Data reconciliation
    • Reconcile transaction-level data against upstream accounting system ledger at group level
    • Reconcile movement of data across periods
    • Regulatory compliance based processing e.g. local, regional and multi-jurisdiction
    • Scale to potential validations from other aggregated reports.
  • Embedded analytics
    • Explore data lineage, metadata lineage, variance analysis, trend analysis, exception reports, GL reconciliation and aggregation checks for granular reporting
    • Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Create customized dashboards
    • Enhance the visualization of checks and balances
    • Improve report accuracy
    • Support data reconciliation and ROI insights.
  • In-memory and parallel processing
    • Fast end-to-end processing of data to validation report
    • Rich experience with API and other forms of machine-readable submissions
    • Handle large data volumes with parallel computing and in-memory computing
    • Technology with a proven track record for similar reporting for other regulatory regimes.
  • Delivered both on-cloud and on-premises
    • Up-to-date architectures and standards
    • Available to implement as on-cloud SaaS
    • Available as on-premises
    • Seamless cross-boarder support.
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